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International Women’s Strike — Call of Women of the World to the Governments

We, the women of the world, are fed up with the violence addressed to us, whether physical, economic, verbal, or moral. We will no longer tolerate it passively. We demand that our governments stop using misogynic insults and start taking real measures to solve numerous problems related to our safety, free access to medical care including abortion, the establishment of severe legal penalties to be applied to our oppressors in cases of rape, domestic violence and every gender-based crime that we are experiencing increasingly, and enforce effective secularization. Before our biological conditions, we are first of all human beings and what’s more it’s 2017. As aware citizens, we, the women, know the world is going through a crisis phase, but we don’t accept being victims of it. Take care, governing powers in our countries: be mature and address the problems of the world in direct, peaceful ways, with no harm to us. We, the women of the world, announce that if you don’t urgently and immediately apply effective measures to halt violence against us, we strike, in solidarity and united across the planet. We constitute more than half the world’s population and we know that the lasting power is with us. Don’t forget that on our decision depends whether life on Earth will continue.—International Women’s Strike: The women of Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, Salvador, Scotland, South Korea and Sweden, Turkey and with more in store. Solidarity is Our Weapon!

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