The Current Debate in the AFL-CIO — and the Underlying Issues
Fifty Years Later — Still the Same Problems

The UAW Convention
Part Three—Toward a Long Term Strategy for All Fronts
by Bill Onasch

Hoffa Challenger Criticizes AFL-CIO Split
by Steve Early

The UAW Convention
Part Two—Bureaucrats and Dissidents
by Bill Onasch

The UAW Convention
Part One—Selective Memory and a Cold Forge
by Bill Onasch

UAW Helps Accelerate Attrition At GM—May Be Forced To Fight Delphi
by Bill Onasch

The Labor Movement and the Fight for Single-Payer: a Response to Robert Fitch
by Jerry Gordon

UAW Capitulation Leaves All Of Us Vulnerable In Class War
As Last Heavy Battalions Stand Down It’s Time to Regroup the Partisans
by Bill Onasch

Labor Federations Make Progress on Cooperation Agreement
from Workday Minnesota

Toward an Organized Left in the Labor Movement
by Jon Flanders

Immigrant Workers and the Split in the AFL-CIO
by Andrew Pollack

Unions at War
by David Bacon

Is It Labor Party Time?
by Dick Meister

Art, Sparks and Labor Splits
by Mike Alewitz

First Take on the Split
by Bill Onasch

The Top Ten Problems with the Current “Crisis” in the Labor Movement
by Rose Ann DeMoro, California Nurses Association

From “Unite to Win” to “Split to Win” at AFL-CIO’s July Convention?
by David Jones

United Pension Default
Saving “Our” Airline or Saving Labor?
by Andrew Pollack

A Top Banana Split?
by Bill Onasch

They Came, They Met, They Went Home…
AFL-CIO Execs Stand Pat in Las Vegas
by David Jones

AFL-CIO Execs Meet in Las Vegas
by Bill Onasch

“New Unity” or Six Feet Under? Where Is the AFL-CIO Going?
The Leadership Debate and the Underlying Issues
by David Jones

Split in the AFL-CIO?
by Jeff Mackler

Two 1955 Articles from the Arsenal of Class-Struggle Unionism:

The Political Meaning of the CIO-AFL Merger (1955)
Opening of a New Chapter?
by Tom Kerry

Lessons of the Square D Strike
Concern for the Democrats Costs Labor a Victory
by Frank Lovell