Discussion on Bolivia’s December 18 Election and Its Aftermath

Bolivian Populist Regime Goes Into Crisis
by Gerry Foley

Evo Morales:
“The US Is Conspiring Against Bolivia and Venezuela”

A Response to Comrades Riddell and Weisleder
Which Road for the Bolivian Revolution?
by Gerry Foley and Jeff Mackler

Evo Morales:
Bolivia’s Democratic and Cultural Revolution — Not One Step Backwards!

World Solidarity Needed for Bolivian People, Government
by Barry Weisleder and John Riddell

The Story Behind Gas Nationalisation
by Franz Chávez

Evo Morales’s Historic May Day
Bolivia’s Nationalization of Gas!
by Jeffery R. Webber

Bolivia Defends Gas Industry Takeover

The Challenge for Morales
by Herve do Alto

What the U.S. Rulers Have to Worry About in Bolivia
by Gerry Foley

From Neoliberalism to a Homeland for All
from Green Left Weekly

“Either a Socialist Revolution or a Caricature of a Revolution”
by Celia Hart

A Revolutionary Process That Is Different
by Hugo Blanco

Morales Election Is a Victory for the Bolivian People
A Reply to Left Critics of Bolivia’s New President
by Fred Feldman

Bolivia Remains Powder Keg Following the Election of Morales
by Gerry Foley

New International Viewpoint Pamphlet
Latin America — a Continent Turns Left

“A Government of the Poor, for the Poor”
Interview with Juan Ramón Quintana

The Morales Government
by Herve do Alto

Revolución Socialista o Caricatura…en Bolivia
by Celia Hart (in Spanish)

Castro’s Prophecy Fulfilled as Bolivia Joins Latin America’s “Axis of Good”
Revolution in the Andes
by Richard Gott

Introduction to the Labor Standard web page
“Discussion on Bolivia’s December 18 Election and Its Aftermath”
by George Saunders

Two Views from the Left on Bolivia after December 18

Evo Morales — What Does It Mean?
by Stan Goff

Evo Morales’s Visit to Cuba, December 30–31, 2005
by Joaquín Bustelo

New Bolivian Leader Visits Cuba

Morales Wins Massive Vote in Bolivian Elections — Which Way Will He Go Now?
by Jorge Martin

Cuban Leaders Hail Bolivian Election Victory
“With Your Victory a New History Is Born”

Bolivia: A View from India
Fire in the Plains, Fire in the Mountains
by Aijaz Ahmad

Evo Morales, Communitarian Socialism, and the Regional Power Block
by Heinz Dieterich

From International Viewpoint — Eight Items on Bolivia:

“The Nationalization of Hydrocarbons Will Be Our First Task”
IV Interview with Evo Morales
by Herve do Alto

Unity and Perspectives of Bolivian Left
by Remberto Arias

What Will the Victory of Morales Mean?
The MAS at the Threshold of Power
by Herve do Alto

Historic Victory of the MAS and Morales
by Herve do Alto

Interview with Álvaro García Linera, newly elected Bolivian vice-president
“The MAS is of the Centre-Left”
by Pablo Stefanoni

“I am the bad conscience of Evo Morales”
Interview with Felipe Quispe
by Herve do Alto

“If Evo doesn’t nationalize the gas, he will fall like Lozada”
Interview with Jaime Solares, leader of the COB. Interview by Herve do Alto

Electoral polarization and crisis of the state
by Pablo Stefanoni

Whoever Wins, El Alto Will Fight
by Federico Fuentes

Past articles on the Struggle of the Bolivian People