News and Discussion of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), the Workers Party of Brazil

Report from Conference of Democracia Socialista
Crisis in Brazil’s Workers Party
by Gerry Foley

Contradictions of Lula and Questions for Revolutionaries
by Paul Le Blanc

Renegotiate the Debt—Don’t Make Public Sector Workers Pay
Speech by Heloisa Helena, December 2003

Brazil: Declaration of the Socialist Democracy Tendency of the Workers Party (PT) on the Expulsion of Heloisa Helena

Brazil: In Defense of Democracy—Against Expulsions of Workers Party Members of Congress
Resolution by Socialist Democracy Tendency, Brazilian Workers Party

The Struggle Inside Brazil’s Workers Party (PT)
“PT Radical, Heloisa Helena, Stays and Fights”

Brazil: Nine Months of Lula’s Government
by João Machado

On the Eve of the WSF in Mumbai, India
Truth about the World Social Forum and the Brazilian PT
by Kunal Chattopadhyay

Lula’s Workers Party Faces Growing Dissension
by Daniel Bensaïd

Brazil: Conflicts Inside the Workers Party
by the Editors of Em Tempo

Is A New Situation Shaping Up in Brazil?
Elements of a New Conjuncture
by Inprecor América Latina

Chile, 9/11/73: Lessons of a Catastrophe
by Joe Auciello

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