United National Antiwar Committee Calls on All Supporters to Turn Out for Rallies in Solidarity with the People of Egypt and Other Arab Countries Today, This Weekend, and in Coming Days
No More U.S. Support to the Mubarak Dictatorship! Hands off Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen!

The Egyptian people, inspired by the victory in Tunisia and building on their own heroic rallies and strikes in recent years, have now taken the lead in the regional revolt against U.S.-backed dictatorships. Today, Friday, January 28th, masses have poured into the streets for the third straight day of protest, and are once again fighting valiantly against cops and troops armed with U.S. made and paid for weapons.

It is the U.S. government which has created and still supports the Mubarak regime to the tune of $1.5 billion a year as part of its regional military apparatus, and it is U.S. banks and corporations that have imposed the neoliberal austerity regime of unemployment, poverty and malnutrition against which Egyptian workers have been rebelling for decades.

The U.S. Department of Defense is meeting this very week with Egyptian military officials to discuss how to maintain this oppression. A DoD press briefing reports: “With regards to Egypt: we actually this week are hosting senior Egyptian military leaders at the Pentagon for our annual bilateral defense talks. So that’s just an example of how engaged we are with the Egyptians, even as these developments have taken place on the streets in Cairo and elsewhere.”

And it is the U.S. State Department which has already begun maneuvers throughout the region to ensure that any governments that fall are replaced with equally compliant regimes — maneuvers such as the visit by the head of “Near East Affairs” in the State Department this week to Tunisia, and by their “National Democratic Institute” to Yemen, to “advise” on “clean elections” — i.e. to plot how to subvert the goals of the masses in the streets.

It is therefore our responsibility as U.S. antiwar activists to mobilize all our supporters to demand: Hands Off Egypt! End U.S. aid to murdering, exploitative and corrupt governments!

The other regimes against which the Arab masses are now in revolt Tunisia, Yemen and Jordan are all likewise subservient to Washington’s dictates in matters of war and economics, including especially in their toadying to Washington’s main watchdog, Israel.

Similarly inspired by the regional upsurge, Palestinian activists have stepped up action against the corrupt, U.S.-financed and armed Palestine Authority. A sit-in at the Palestinian embassy in London by Palestinian students was launched this week, and a worldwide petition demanding the resignation of Mahmoud Abbas and the democratization of Palestinian governing and movement structures has been launched: see http://palestineconference.org/wp/2011/01/27/uspcn-palestine-papers-petition/

Every revolt in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria has featured prominently demands for jobs for the huge numbers of unemployed youth who are at the core of the revolt. UNAC has made clear the link between the fight against war and for jobs, and by standing with the Arab masses at this time we are also saying we hope that workers in the U.S. will fight with every bit as much determination for jobs for all, and for solidarity with workers fighting the same fight in every country.

We encourage all supporters organizing for the national antiwar marches on April 9th in New York City and San Francisco to work closely with Arab activists in the U.S. to make sure our marches feature prominently their members and demands.

A victory for the Arab masses is a victory for the cause of peace throughout the world!

Details on demonstrations can be found here:




Call the White House and State Department and demand, No More Support to the Mubarak Dictatorship! Hands off Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen!
Email: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact
Tel: Switchboard: 202-456-1414; Fax: 202-456-2461
U.S. Department of State: Main Switchboard: 202-647-4000
Your Senators and congressperson: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/
The main Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121, and the Congressional switchboard: 800-828-0498

All out in solidarity with the people of Egypt!
Support the fight for democracy and against exploitation and oppression throughout the Arab world!

For more information: www.unacpeace.org, unac-nyc@juno.com