Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan…

The Arab People Rise in Struggle

An Unambiguous Position: Support the Syrian People in their Courageous and Popular Struggle Against the Dictatorship of the Assad Regime!
Syria Freedom Forever Blog, August 31, 2012

Egypt: Masses Seek to Complete the Revolution
by Andrew Pollack, Socialist Action, November 25, 2011

Why the Labor Movement and Antiwar Movement Should Oppose the British, French, and American Intervention in Libya
by Tom Barrett

Egypt: Independent Trade Unionists’ Declaration

Egypt: Oil and Gas Workers on Strike
by Hossam el-Hamalawy

Mubarak Topples! “We Will Take Five Minutes and Celebrate, Then Start Building Our New Egypt!”
by Jane Slaughter

Egyptian Workers Take the Lead
by Alan Woods

In Tunisia and Egypt the Revolutions Are Underway
Statement by the Bureau of the Fourth International

United National Antiwar Committee Emergency Appeal:
Mobilize to Stop US-Backed Attacks on Egyptian Masses!

Egypt’s Revolution, February 1, 2011—Some First-Hand Reports

AFL-CIO, Global Unions Applaud New Egyptian Labor Movement
by James Parks

United National Antiwar Committee Calls on All Supporters to Turn Out for Rallies in Solidarity
with the People of Egypt and Other Arab Countries Today, This Weekend, and in Coming Days
No More U.S. Support to the Mubarak Dictatorship! Hands off Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen!

Revolution in Egypt — Power is on the Street
by Alan Woods

“I Know Now That Revolution Is Possible”—Interview with Olivier Besancenot
from International Viewpoint

Tunisia: Mass Protests to Deepen Revolution
by Patrick Harrison

Egypt’s Uprising and Its Implications for Palestine
by Ali Abunimah
from The Electronic Intifada

Firsthand Reports from the Tunisian Revolution
from Socialist Organizer

Iranian Women Activists’ Statement of Support for Tunisian People