Discussion on the 2004 Elections

The Meaning of the 2004 Presidential Election
by Linda Thomas

The Labor Party: What It Is, What It Isn’t, What We Hope It to Become
by Bill Onasch

What Next for the Labor Party?
by Jerry Gordon, Chair, Ohio State Labor Party

After the Election: What Next?
by Mark Dudzic, Labor Party National Organizer

Was a Vote for Bush a Vote for War?
by Joe Auciello

Election 2004
by Dave Riehle

Reflections on the Elections
by Paul Le Blanc

A Message to New Jersey Antiwar Activists
by Tom Barrett

Bush’s Election Has Decided Nothing
by Fred Feldman

Some Initial Thoughts on the Election
by Bill Onasch

Revolutionaries and Elections
by Bob Allen

Some Comments on “Revolutionaries and Elections”
by John Kirkland

Three New Jersey Activists Exchange Opinions on the Election
by Tom Barrett

KC Labor Views on the Coming Election
by Bill Onasch

With a Week to Go, Can the Comeback Kid Save Bush Lite?
by Bill Onasch

Political Participation and the Union Member
by Steven J. Gulitti
with Side-by-Side Commentary by Bill Onasch

An Open Letter to Margaret Kimberley
Where a November 3 Movement Needs to Go
by Bill Onasch

Rediscovered Letter from Revolutionary Union Leader V.R. Dunne (1939)

Thousands at St. Paul Labor Day Picnic
by Al Prochaska

On the 2004 Presidential Elections
The Worst of Times: A Tale of Two Conventions
by Joe Auciello

Men Without Honor — The Most Bizarre Campaign Becomes the Most Revolting
by Bill Onasch

Yet Another “Progressive” Attempt to “Take Back” the Democrats
by Bill Onasch

In 2004 KC Labor Says
Anybody But Boss Parties

Another War Fueled by Lies
ABB, Fearing Collateral Damage, Limit Attacks to Sole Target
by Bill Onasch

John Kerry: False Friend of Labor
by Joe Auciello