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Foreclosure Song

Words and Music by Thomas Bias © 2011

This song was introduced on May 1, 2011, at the American Labor Museum in Haledon, NJ, located in the Botto House, where the Paterson Silk Strike committee met during the Silk Strike of 1913. It is performed by the New Jersey Industrial Union Council Solidarity Singers.

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In our town there are houses in foreclosure:
There are two on our street since last July.
And for each foreclosed address, there’s a family in distress,
And every one has got its reasons why.

Every family in foreclosure has its story,
A story of hard luck and broken dreams.
Don’t say that they’re no good, ’cause they’ve done the best they could,
And the good times have gone away, it seems.

Now, Mr. Rodriguez was a roofer.
He had an accident three years ago.
He could never work again, but the bills kept coming in,
And now he and his family have to go.

Repeat refrain.

Mrs. Kelly’s husband was an Army corporal.
He came back from Afghanistan last May.
But his mind just wasn’t right, and he shot himself one night,
And she never got a dime from the V.A.

Repeat refrain.

The Wall Street bankers live in mansions,
And penthouse apartments in the sky.
They push working folks like us into poverty and worse,
But together we can stop ’em, you and I.

Repeat refrain.