Message from Iraqi Oil Workers Union About the Israeli Attack on Gaza

by Hassan Jumaa Awad al Assadi, PresidentIraqi Federation of Oil Unions

[Translated from Arabic]

Federation of Oil Unions In Iraq

To: All Labor Unions
To: All Peace Loving Unions

Re: Gaza Massacres

Hassan Juma’a Awad, President of Federation of Oil Unions in Southern Iraq condemns the Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip which have already claimed hundreds of innocent Palestinian lives.

President Juma’a also condemns the world’s silence, including the silence of Arab governments against these atrocities. President Juma’a requests that the world governments take a united stand against this ethnic cleansing and collective punishment of Palestinians by the State of Israel.

He further requests that all unions demand a stop to this military incursion against civilians and take necessary steps to pressure the State of Israel to compensate the effected families.

Speaking for the union, Hassan Juma’a explained that these savage military actions against Hamas and the people of Gaza will only complicate things and will lead to the loss of innocent civilian lives.

The Federation of Oil Unions represents more than 25,000 employees of the Iraqi state-owned Southern Oil Co., headquartered in Basra, Iraq.

Communication in Arabic received by U.S. Labor Against the War, January 6, 2009
Translation completed January 7, 2009