ICE Officials at Halloween Party Find Racially Profiled Costume “Most Original”

For These Enforcers of Immigration “Policy,” Every Day Is Halloween, with Blacks and Latinos as Their Deadly Serious Target

[We wish to call our readers’ special attention to the following news report, posted on the Democracy Now web site April 10, 2008.]

Lawmakers Urge Probe of Alleged Cover-Up on Halloween Photos

Lawmakers are calling for an independent probe of whether top U.S. immigration officials violated federal laws following the publication of controversial photos taken at an office Halloween party last year. One photograph shows Immigration and Customs Enforcement head Julie Myers standing next to a white employee who was dressed up like a prisoner. He wore prison stripes, dreadlocks, and dark makeup that made him look African American or Latino. Myers was one of three judges who gave the worker the prize for “most original costume.” Lawmakers want to investigate whether Myers was trying to conceal her actions when she ordered the destruction of the photographs and relocated the worker from ICE’s Washington headquarters.