Mass Struggle for Immigrant Workers’ Rights

Thousands take to the streets as pro-immigrant groups hold a march and rally to express their opposition to congressional bill HR 4437, a bill designed to strengthen the enforcement of immigration laws, in Los Angeles, California

Protests Mount Against Arizona Law as Judge Blocks Key Parts of SB 1070
by George Shriver

Why We Are Marching in Arizona
(On the Jan.16 March in Phoenix Against Sheriff Arpaio)
by Pablo Alvarado

May Day in Bay Area:
Cynthia McKinney at Antiwar & Immigrant Rights Actions

ICE Officials at Halloween Party Find Racially Profiled Costume “Most Original”

Tucson Rally Protests Anti-Immigrant Actions by Arizona Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano
by George Saunders

Stop the Raids!
Street Protest Is the Source of Our Power
by Charlie Fuentes

Reports from Two Cities on Mass Actions for Immigrant Rights, June 16 and 18, 2007

Immigrants on Government Raids: “New Haven Is Not Backing Down”

Who Killed the Immigration Bill, and Who Wants It to Come Back?
by David Bacon

Tucson May Day March
by George Saunders

Meeting to Protest Crackdown on Immigrants Draws 350 in Danbury
by Lynda Thomas

Forum Cool to ICE raids
Supporters of Immigration Make Their Voices Heard at Danbury Event
by Elizabeth Putnam

Immigration Raids Cited as Unfair
by Alejandro Alvarez

Remember the Danbury 11
Stop the ICE Raids!

They Call Us Illegals

Immigrant Rights Fighters Win Victory in Arizona

Reports on New Events in Migrant Workers’ Fight:
Immigrant Rights Conference Calls for Moratorium on Deportations, Sets Dates for September Protests
Elvira Arellano Defies Deportation Order, Movement Rallies to Her Defense

Walkout by Immigrant Workers Rocks the Nation on May Day
by Andrew Pollack

Immigrants, Advocates Take Sides on Senate Guest-Worker Bill
by James Frickey

No Immigration Bill Is Better
by David Bacon

Letter to the Editors of Labor Standard

Good Neighbor Senator Sessions Walls Out Mexico…and Robert Frost
by James Ryan

Millions Fill the Streets to Defend Immigrant Rights
by Andrew Pollack

The Border War Comes Home
Our Lives Are on the Line
by Juan Santos

The Global Fight for Immigrant Rights in a Neo-Liberal Economy
by Ricardo Alarcón

May Day Celebrations to Highlight Immigrant Rights, Global Solidarity

“The Power to Stop the System”
by Nativo Lopez

Tucson May 1st Coalition Joins International “Day Without Immigrants”

In Nezahualcoyotl, Marcos Announces that May 1 Labor March “Will Meet In Front of the U.S. Embassy” in Mexico City
by Al Giordano

Nativo López on May 1: “You Get What You’re Ready to Fight For”
by Sarah Knopp

International Manifesto of Undocumented Immigrants

Fair and Just Immigration Reform for All
Statement of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

An Interview with Immigrant Rights Organizer Martín Unzueta: “We Are Going to Keep Marching”
by Lee Sustar

Iraq Veterans Against the War Applauds the Strength and Courage of Undocumented Immigrants!

Immigration Crackdown: 1,200 Undocumented Workers Detained Across U.S.
from Democracy Now!

We Post This Article for the Information of Our Readers—
Unjust Features of the “Compromise” Bill from the Senate Judiciary Committee

A Note on Immigration and the U.S. Workers
by Julio Huato

Immigrant Rights Rallies Sweep Nation
by Mark Gruenberg

Mass Movements March on in America and France

From Democracy Now!
Over Two Million Demonstrate for Immigrant Rights in More Than 100 U.S. Cities

Immokalee Workers Swell Crowd in Ft. Myers to 75,000

Unionists Lead Mass Protests for Immigrant Rights; AFL-CIO Hits “Appalling” Compromise
by Mark Gruenberg

Congress Must Face Reality: Immigrants Want Equality
by David Bacon

March for “Immigration with Dignity” Sunday in St. Paul

Something New for May Day 2006
“First American National Strike” for Immigrant Workers Rights

A Sea of People as Far as the Eye Could See: Blacks and Immigrants Call for Unity!
by Nunu Kidane

1,000,000 Immigrants March for Human Rights
Los Angeles, California. Saturday March 25, 2006.
by Walter Lippmann

Millions More in Los Angeles
by Duane Muhammad

“Immigrants Are Not Criminals” 150,000 Rally in Denver

Latino Milwaukee
by Christopher Fons

For the Information of Our Readers, We Post These Photos and This News Report
Massive Student Walkout Spreads Across Southern California

Mass Struggle for Immigrant Rights Spreads and Deepens
by George Saunders

Chicago Mass March of Half a Million Defends Immigrant Workers’ Rights
by George Saunders

Chicago Immigrant Workers Are Organizing at Low-Wage Plants
by Mark Meinster

Photo Display:
1–1.5 Million Marched in Los Angeles Against HR4437 and Other Anti-Immigrant Laws

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