The Struggle for Workers’ Democracy in Iran

Introductory Note: The disputed election for the presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran took place on June 12, 2009. Since then, a great deal of information has been available on the Internet, but it is difficult to determine how accurate a lot of it is. Many anti-imperialist activists observe the hostility of the Western governments to the Islamic Republic and question whether the democratic struggle in Iran is genuine or whether it is the creation of the CIA, British MI6, or other imperialist forces. It appears clear that the educated youth in the major cities of Iran are supporting the demonstrations against the declared election winner, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; however, it is only the educated youth who are using the Internet to share their thoughts. It is more difficult to gauge the sentiments of the working class and the poor people of the city slums and rural villages. However, the repressive and socially reactionary character of the Islamic Republic is beyond doubt. What appears on this page represents different points of view within the socialist, labor, and democratic movements, both in Iran and in other countries. The discussion of this very complicated political situation has only begun, as indeed the new struggle for workers’ democracy in Iran has only begun. We begin here with a preliminary selection of articles; more will be published as they are written and as the struggle evolves.

—Tom Barrett, co-Managing Editor and Webmaster, Labor Standard

Statement of Independent Union of Print Shop Workers of Tehran to July 25 International Day of Solidarity Rallies
The Independent Union of Print Shop Workers of Tehran and its Environs

Iran’s Revolution
by Mehrdad Samadzadeh

The Tragedy of the Left's Discourse on Iran
by Saeed Rahnema

Political Islam in the Service of Imperialism
by Samir Amin

Ahmedinajad and the Anti-Imperialism of Fools
by Farooq Sulehria

Question & Answer on the Iran Crisis
by Stephen Shalom, Thomas Harrison, Joanne Landy, and Jesse Lemisch
Source: Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Iran and America: The Will to Change
by Yacov Ben Efrat

Ten Immediate Demands of the People of Iran
from the Worker-communist Party of Iran

Iran Rises
A Blog by Evan Siegel

Iran: Regime Steps Up Terror — a General Strike is Needed!
by Alan Woods

Whither Iran?
by Babak Zahraie

Between Revolt and Repression in Iran
by Lee Sustar

Vahed Syndicate [Tehran Bus Drivers Union]— Any Suppression or Threat of Civil Liberty Condemned

Tehran’s Auto Workers and Bus Syndicate in Solidarity with People’s Movement