Healthcare Not Warfare!

Flyer for Antiwar March, Los Angeles, Jan. 11

The text of the flyer is printed below. The introductory letter that precedes the flyer notes two labor organizations among the sponsors and endorsers of the march—SEIU Local 660 (whose resolution against the war on Iraq appears elsewhere on the Labor Standard web site) and Asian and Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), AFL-CIO. Among the scheduled speakers at the rally are two labor leaders, Alejandro Stevens of SEIU Local 660 and Maria Elena Durazo of Local 11, Hotel Employees Restaurant Employees (HERE).

Dear Friends,

Please endorse, publicize, and participate in the mass march to Stop the War on Iraq on Jan. 11 in Los Angeles. This march is being organized by the Coalition for World Peace, Interfaith Communities United for Peace & Justice, ANSWER, and Not in Our Name, and includes many other sponsors and endorsers, including SEIU Local 660, CHIRLA(Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Los Angeles), Metropolitan Alliance, APALA-AFL-CIO, and KPFK. The program includes actor Martin Sheen, disabled veterans leader Ron Kovic, spoken word artist Jerry Quickley, labor leaders Maria Elena Durazo of HERE Local 11 and Alejandro Stevens of SEIU Local 660, and Rabbi Steven Jacobs. The march will include contingents for immigrants’ rights, healthcare not warfare, and money for schools, welfare, and jobs, not war.

Although there is no endorsement fee, funds are needed to ensure the march’s success, so a minimum of $25 is requested for your organization to be listed as a sponsor. (Please make out checks to OOA/cfwp, with Jan 11 in the memo line. They can be mailed to 8124 W. 3rd St, Suite 202, LA CA 90048.)

The text of the flyer is below; you can also download the flyer in English and Spanish from our website.

or here.

For more information or to send in your endorsement, or to volunteer please e-mail, or call 323-281-7322.

in peace and solidarity,

Leone Hankey
The Coalition for World Peace

[The text of the flyer follows:]

Stop the War On Iraq!

March on Jan. 11

Assemble 11 am, Olympic and Broadway, Los Angeles

Co-sponsored by: Coalition for World Peace CFWP), Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP), Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), Not In Our Name (NION)


As the U.S. government prepares for an unnecessary and immoral war on Iraq, our L.A. County Healthcare System is on the brink of collapse. $1.4 billion in Federal funding is needed to save the system, but the Feds, after claiming there’s no money at all, have said they can spare $175 million. And yet:

Just one B-2 bomber costs $2 billion—enough to solve the entire L.A. County healthcare crisis!

This is why the movement for peace and the movement for healthcare must unite. We all know the grisly terms of our local healthcare crisis:

L.A. County’s public healthcare system:

How has the L.A. County public healthcare system been rewarded for this invaluable service to the community?

The County Board has:

But while our healthcare system collapses, military spending is as robust as ever. The Bush administration has specifically refused to provide money to L.A. County to save lives, but they are perfectly happy to spend money to take lives—hence the $353 billion military budget, plus a projected $200 billion for the war on Iraq. We in the peace movement and the healthcare movement must work together to shine a light on this deadly linkage:


Contact us at: 323-281-7322