All India Trade Union Congress Condemns War on Iraq

The following press release was posted on the Internet March 20, 2003.

The All India Trade Union Congress, premier national trade union organization of the Indian working class, joins the millions of working people all over the world in condemning the unjust and inhuman war unleashed by the Bush and Blair combine against the people of Iraq. Despite the overwhelming public opinion against the U.S.-led war against Iraq and the mass protests and demonstrations the world over and even ignoring the United Nations Security Council the aggression against Iraq is being launched on blatantly false premises, in contravention of all international norms for the perceptible ulterior motive of capturing oil resources. AITUC also condemns the undemocratic move of the Bush government illegally to replace the government of Iraq by force.

The European Trade Unions Confederation (ETUC) had already organized a countrywide work stoppage on March 14 to show opposition to war. In several other parts of the world similar strong protests are visible, including in America where several hundreds and thousands have laid siege to the White House. The Indian working class along with the peace-loving and progressive forces has held several demonstrations condemning the war design against Iraq. On February 26, the march of 300,000 workers on the Parliament of India condemned the attack on Iraq. A high level delegation of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), of which AITUC is an important affiliate, is already in Iraq to express solidarity with the General Federation of Trade Unions in Iraq and to reaffirm the unanimous opposition to the world working class over the invasion of Iraq being launched under the U.S. and British plans of naked aggression.

The AITUC expresses its fullest solidarity with the people of Iraq and calls for intensifying the international protest against the barbaric action of the U.S. & UK governments and their cronies. AITUC calls upon the working class to participate in the Demonstration on March 22 in order to protect the sovereignty of Iraq, and urge upon the UN to act drastically against the war mongers.

(H. Mahadevan)
General Secretary
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