Labor Against War on Iraq

Union Resolutions Against War in Iraq

Reports and Comments on the January 18, 2003, Antiwar Marches

Discussion of Strategy and Tactics for the Antiwar Movement

U.S. Labor Against the War

A Reflection of Deepening Opposition to Iraq War:
Antiwar Labor Leader Addresses Mass Rally in Washington, D.C., January 27, 2007, on Behalf of AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

Letter from United Auto Workers Opposing Escalation of the War in Iraq

Call to the Third National USLAW Labor Assembly Against the War
Cleveland, Ohio

From Public Employee Press
Forum Speakers: War Is a Union Issue

United Federation of Teachers
War in Iraq Resolution

Calif. Teachers Union: Support April 29 National Mobilization to Bring Troops Home Now!

AFL-CIO Says “Bring the Troops Home”

Iraqi and U.S. Trade Unionists Sign Joint Declaration

Labor Antiwar Forum Held in Connecticut
by Renee Tanner

A Call to Resist
by Steve Williamson, Head of Seattle Labor Council

Action Alert: Working People Rally Against the War in Iraq
California Nurses Association (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

U.S. Labor Antiwar or Related Statements & Groups, Comprehensive List

Appeal to All Trade Unions and Progressive Organizations Worldwide
Re: Holding a Conference for Workers of the Southern Iraq in Basra

USLAW Convenes Leadership Meeting in Chicago, December 4, 2004

Vermont AFL-CIO Affiliates to USLAW
Report from Hal Leyshon, Vermont AFL-CIO Executive Board member and central labor council president

National Mail Handlers Union Convention Opposes War and Occupation of Iraq

CGT Leader Speaks in Chicago About Solidarity with Iraqi Workers
by Jean-Pierre Page

Service Employees Leader Says The War Is An Issue To Workers
by David Bacon

International Labor Opposition to War and Occupation
The Case of U.S. Labor Against the War
by Michael Eisenscher

Largest State Federation of Labor in U.S. Calls for “Immediate” End to U.S. Occupation of Iraq

SEIU and AFSCME Oppose War
by Lee Sustar
from Socialist Worker

Another Big Lie: the U.S. Has NOT Transferred Sovereignty to the Iraqis
by Jerry Gordon

Voters to Get Say on Iraq
Progressive Supervisors Pen San Francisco Ballot Measure
by Adriel Hampton

We Fight the Wars — We Can Stop the Wars As Well
by Bill Onasch

United for Peace and Justice Joins Win Without War Call for June 26–27 Actions
from U.S. Labor Against the War

History Repeats Itself: Iraq, Labor Rights and Democracy
by Gene Bruskin, Co-Convenor, U.S. Labor Against the War
Presented May 8, 2004, in Chicago

U.S. Labor Against the War Demands:
End the Occupation of Iraq! Bring the Troops Home Now!

200,000 in Baghdad Rally Denounce U.S. Occupation

Is Iraq Another Vietnam?
by Bill Onasch

Eyewitness Reports from Iraq
Protest U.S. Massacres in Fallujah and Sadr City!

Mission to Investigate Political Transition Postpones Trip to Baghdad;
Urges Support for Iraqis’ Demand for a Genuine End to Occupation

Japanese Hostages To Be Released Soon

Appeal for Japanese Civilians in Iraq
They Are Not Enemies of the Iraqi People! Don’t Kill Them!

Vivid Images in a Long, Ongoing Nightmare
by Bill Onasch

Longshore Union to Shut Down Port on March 20 to Protest War on Iraq

Helping Iraqi Workers — Two Opposite Approaches
by Bill Onasch

U.S. Labor Against the War Calls for Large Labor Turnout for March 20 Global Antiwar Protests

Tariq Ali on the Iraqi Resistance

U.S. Labor Against War Dodges Bullets, Stays Course
by Bill Onasch

“No!” to a U.N. Occupation of Iraq
By Jerry Gordon

Five Resolutions for the USLAW Labor Assembly for Peace, Scheduled for Chicago, October 24–25

Statement by U.S. Labor Against the War in Support of the October 25 Marches in Washington and San Francisco

From GI Special 107
Active Duty New Jersey Soldier Leads Protest to Bring Troops Home!
by David Cline

Call to the National Labor Assembly for Peace
October 24–25, Chicago, IL

Building Mass Opposition to the War on Iraq
What Next for the U.S. and European Antiwar Movements?
by Michael Livingston

British Trades Union Congress Calls for Troops Out of Iraq!

Grisly Trophies Won’t Bring Submission
by Bill Onasch

They, Most Of All, Have the Right To Be Heard
by Bill Onasch

Now the Shoe is on the Other Foot
by Bill Onasch

Careful What You Ask For: UN Is No Force for Peace
by Bill Onasch

On the U.S.-British Occupation of Iraq
Bush and Blair Take the First Step Toward Reconquest of the Middle East
by Tom Barrett

Tariq Ali on the UN Security Council Capitulation to Washington

The War on Iraq—A Crime Against Humanity!
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Co.—War Criminals!

Will Labor’s Antiwar Movement Survive the 2004 Elections?
by Charles Walker

Organized Labor’s Antiwar Forces, What Now?
by Charles Walker

Invading Iraq: The Logic of Empire
by Paul Le Blanc

Genghis Khan Probably Got Flowers, Too
by Bill Onasch 

Dockworkers Hit as Cops Fire on Antiwar Crowds
by Bob Mattingly

Cop Attack at Oakland Docks Premeditated, Say Protesters
by Bob Mattingly

Bush Lies About Iraq to Advance War
by Julian Kunnie

Reading From Left to Right
How the News Media Forge the Big Lie
by Joe Auciello

Resistance to Occupying Armies (and Hollywood World War II Memories)
by Bob Mattingly

Sweeney Cover Letter to AFL-CIO Statement on War

Iraqi Troops Aren’t the Only Ones Surrendering
Liberals, Union Bureaucrats Run Up White Flag Without a Fight
by Bill Onasch

Sweeney Scabs on Antiwar Movement
by Charles Walker

KC Labor Statement on the War

Sorting it All Out
Principles, Strategy, and Tactics for the Antiwar Movement
by Bill Onasch

The Horrible Crimes About to Be Committed Will Not Accomplish the Goals of the Criminals
by Fred Feldman

U.S. Labor Against the War Response to War on Iraq

Operation Dire Distress
Veterans Demonstration in Washington, D.C.

Twin Cities Labor Against the War Is Formed
Steelworkers Union Official Urges Labor Antiwar Organizing

All India Trade Union Congress Condemns War on Iraq

Beyond Resolutions: Within Unions, Anti-War Forces Mobilize Opposition
by Chris Kutalik and William Johnson
from Labor Notes (next issue)

Steelworkers to Hold Meeting on the War

IUF Support For International Union Action Against Iraq War

God Bless the Dixie Chicks!
And All the Other Artists With the Courage To Speak Out
by Bill Onasch

European Workers to Strike Against War

Latino Farm Labor Leaders Slam Bush Administration Pressures on Mexico to Secure Pro-War Vote at UN Security Council

The AFL-CIO Executive Council and the Planned War on Iraq—Two Reports
by Charles Walker

The War Behind the War
by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Canadian Labour Congress Statement
March 8: International Women’s Day

Coalition Calls for National “Labor Day for Peace”

Tariq Ali Exposes the UN Fraud
“The Soft Underbelly of the Peace Movement”

Antiwar Motion at Wednesday’s TUC

Will AFL-CIO Back Antiwar Movement?
by Charles Walker

Global Labor Challenges Bush War Plans

Speak-Out Set for February 22 in Dearborn;
Labor Builds Opposition to Impending War in Iraq

Against WarUnconditionally
A Look at Labor Positions on the Threatened War
by Wayne McElyea

Organizations Representing 130 Million Workers Say NO to War
Global Labor Press Conference Reports on International Labor Declaration Against War in Iraq

International Labor Statement Opposing War Against Iraq

Report from Labor for Peace and Justice (Bay Area)
Labor Marches 1,000-Strong in San Francisco Peace Demo

San Francisco Labor Contingent Marches Against War
by Charles Walker

Canadian New Democratic Party Says:
No War on Iraq!

St. Paul Unions Label War with Iraq “A Last Resort”

USLAW Press Conference in San Francisco, February 13, 2003

British Unions Threaten Antiwar Strikes

The Struggle for the Right to Demonstrate Against the War in New York City

NYC Unions Demand Right to March Against the War

On the Federal Judge’s Ruling Against NYC March Permit
Orange Alert for Democratic Rights
by Fred Feldman

Building the Feb. 15 Mass Demonstration
The Fight for the Right of Assembly in New York City
by Fred Feldman

NY march permit fight: we cannot afford to take it lying down
by José G. Pérez

Report from Antiwar Coalition
NYC Police Grant Permit for Rally, But Not for March

New York City Council Proclamation:
February 2003 Will Be “Black Protest for Peace Month”

“Protest is Treason” Says New York Sun, Backing Denial of Feb. 15 Permit
by Fred Feldman

We Will March
by Brian Dominick

Judge Denies Right to March in NYC

Powell’s Dog and Pony Show
by Bill Onasch

International Metalworkers Federation Says “No” to Pre-Emptive War Against Iraq

West Australian Unions Threaten War Protest

Unions and the War on Iraq
A LabourStart Special Report

SEIU Executive Board Outlines Principles on Iraq

UE Says “No” to War; Urges Participation in NY Demonstration

$25,000 Pledged to Build Group
Labor Leaders Launch National Anti-War Effort
by Al Benchich, President UAW Local 909

Trade Unionists Launch “U.S. Labor Against the War”

British Rail Workers Continue to Resist Iraq War

Healthcare Not Warfare!
Flyer for Antiwar March, Los Angeles, Jan. 11

How Labor Might Stop a War
Anti-War Train Drivers Refuse to Move Arms Freight
by Kevin Maguire

Talk at St. Paul Labor Speakers Club
Labor and War
by Dave Riehle

Canadian Labor Leader Blasts ICFTU Statement on Iraq
Calls It: “Soft Propaganda for U.S. Pro-War Position”

National Labor Meeting to Discuss War on Iraq

Can the United Nations Avert War with Iraq?
by Joe Auciello

UN Resolutions and the U.S. War on Iraq
by Dayne Goodwin

UFCW Local 1776 Passes Resolution Opposing War With Iraq

Unions Across Country Raise Concerns about Potential War
by Mark Gruenberg

Minnesota Unionists Speak Out Against War

Union Members Meet December 9 to Discuss War

Some Leads for UN Inspectors
by Bill Onasch

Opinion Polls Show Increasing Opposition to War on Iraq
Hundreds of Thousands in the Streets Demand “No War!
by Tom Barrett

Vonnegut for Veterans’ Day
by Andy Pollack

AFL-CIO’s Sweeney Facing Antiwar Opposition
For Discussion and Debate in the Unions! Let the People Vote on War!
by Charles Walker

“The Labor Movement Must Take the Lead in Opposing Bush’s War Policies”
A Union Leader’s Letter to AFL-CIO President Sweeney

Sweeney Ends AFL-CIO’s Tight Silence; States Labor’s Concerns About Iraq War
by Harry Kelber

Why Is the Bush Administration Preparing for War Against Iraq?
by Tom Barrett

Tonkin II? Bush Doctrine Makes This Sequel Different
by Bill Onasch

AFL-CIO President Says War with Iraq Should Be Last Option
by Mark Gruenberg

More Unions Voice Opposition to War with Iraq

1.5 Million March Against Attack on Iraq
Anti-War Rallies Change Italy on Iraq?
by Eric J. Lyman

Wisconsin Votes “No!” to War

Unions Voice Opposition to War with Iraq

September 28 in London—a Historic Event
by George Saunders

Taking It To London’s Streets
The New Anti-War Movement
by Tariq Ali

Democrats Follow Bush on the Road to War
by Joe Auciello

After Reading I.F. Stone’s “Hidden History of the Korean War”
War on Iraq—and Reflections on the Korean War
by W.T. Whitney Jr

Labor Briefs—U.S. Labor and the Looming War Against Iraq

The Dishonest Case for War on Iraq
by Alan Simpson and and Glen Rangwala

U.S. Forces Getting Ready to Invade Iraq; Bush Won’t Heed U.N. Appeals for Delay
by Harry Kelber

Labor’s Response to the War

British Trade Union Congress and Radical Labor Opposition to War on Iraq

Oppose TIPS! Support Freedom!

National Union Officials Remain Silent While Public Debates War Against Iraq
by Harry Kelber

Defend Our Freedom Against Terrorism—and  the Bosses and Their Politicians
Use Our Freedom to Stop War and the Bush Doctrine

Union Resolutions Against War in Iraq

Cut Off Funding for the Iraq War
Resolution of the Washington-Orange-Lamoille Labor Council of Vermont

Civil Service Employees Association, Local 1000, AFSCME, in NY Calls for “Quickest Possible” Withdrawal from Iraq

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Resolution on
supporting our troops by bringing them home
Submitted by SEIU district 1199p

California Federation of Teachers
Resolution on U.S. Policy in Iraq

UAW Local 160 Calls for End of Occupation, Return of Troops

CWA Convention Calls for Return of U.S. Troops Now

Adopted by the national executive board of Asian Pacfic American Labor Alliance (APALA) Friday, August 20, 2004
End U.S. Occupation of Iraq — Bring the Troops Home Now!

SEIU Convention Calls for End to U.S. Occupation of Iraq and Return of U.S. Troops

San Francisco Labor Council Resolution
Bring the Troops Home Now and End the Occupation of Iraq…
Money for Human Needs, Not War…Repeal the Patriot Act

Teamsters Local Calls for Troops Out

Resolution of the San Francisco Labor Council
Bring the troops home now — End the occupation of Iraq
— Money for human needs, not war
— Repeal the Patriot Act

Local 285 leaders, along with SEIU International Executive Board, endorse resolution against unilateral U.S. action against Iraq

TUC Statement on Iraq

UNISON NEC Statement on Iraq

Labor Party Interim National Council Statement Against War in Iraq

Resolution of the General Executive Board of UNITE! on Iraq

Teamsters Local 85 (San Francisco)
Resolution Opposing the Bush Administration’s War on Iraq

California Nurses Association (CNA) Statement on the Iraq War

Australian, British, and Iraqi Building Unions Oppose War

Newspaper Guild Local 32035 Defends Civil Liberties and Workers’ Rights

Alaska Air Flight Attendants Oppose War

Communications Workers of America Statement on War with Iraq

SE Massachusetts Central Labor Council Opposes War

Los Angeles Labor Federation Against Iraq War and U.S. Patriot Act

Philadelphia AFL-CIO Opposes Bush’s War

Los Angeles SEIU Locals 660 and 535 Oppose Iraq War

UFCW Local 1776 Passes Resolution Opposing War With Iraq

Labor Needs to Take a Clear Stand Against the War
Resolution of the San Francisco Labor Council

AFSCME 3800 Resolution Against War on Iraq

IAMAW Lodge 459 Resolution on Military Action in Iraq

Antiwar Resolution of HERE Local 5, Hawaii

Duluth Central Labor Body Resolution Opposing War in Iraq

Canadian Auto Workers National Executive Board Statement on Iraq

Resolution on the U.S. War Against Iraq
CWA Local 1180 (New York City)

California Health Care Workers, SEIU Local 205, Pass Resolution Against War on Iraq

Resolution Against the War
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 705

UE Says, “No U.S. Invasion of Iraq”

Resolution Against War on Iraq
Passed by the Executive Council of Local 1199/SEIU (the New York Health and Human Services Union of the Service Employees International Union)

Albany (New York) Central Federation of Labor Says:
No War Against Iraq

Wisconsin SEIU Resolution Against War on Iraq

Resolution Against U.S. Preemptive Attacks and War
Pride At Work, AFL-CIO

California Federation of Teachers (AFL-CIO) Resolution Against War on Iraq

San Francisco Labor Council Resolution
No New War Against Iraq—Keep the Government Off the Docks!

Washington State AFL-CIO Opposes Iraq War & Patriot Act
Resolution Against the War, Attacks on Civil Liberties, and Cuts in Public Services

Canadian Workers Oppose Planned U.S. Attack on Iraq