Connecticut Statewide Labor Confederation Votes to Support Oct. 27 Antiwar Rallies in Boston and NYC

[The following message was posted on September 20 from Stan H. in New Haven to Connecticut antiwar activists.]

In a unanimous vote of at least 300 delegates the state convention of the Connecticut AFL-CIO voted to support the October 27 antiwar rallies taking place in New York City and Boston. The Connecticut AFL-CIO represents at least 200,000 unionists.

One speaker said that his son was on his third tour of duty as a helicopter pilot and that at one time the war seemed to make sense, but now it was time to “get the hell out.” He was applauded thunderously.

Activists from Connecticut Opposes War, Connecticut United for Peace, and U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) have been working for several years to win support from organized labor in Connecticut for the antiwar movement.

Huge credit goes to AFL-CIO President John Olsen, who has spoken personally at antiwar events, but now took the initiative to invite USLAW Co-Convenor Fred Mason to address the convention and then to push for the sponsorship resolution.

The next step is for all of us to go to individual unions, mention the convention vote, have them sponsor the rally, subsidize their members bus fare ($40 to Boston), etc.

Then let’s go on to other states and their unions!