Cindy Sheehanís Message from Crawford, Aug. 18: ďVigilsĒ

Our candlelight vigil at Camp Casey was beautiful tonight. There were hundreds of people here and we are hearing that hundreds of people were involved in vigils around the country. We at Camp Casey are so amazed and gratified that there were almost 1,700 vigils around the country.

CNN followed me around for the morning to do a ďDay in the LifeĒ of Cindy Sheehan. I kept asking them if they were falling asleep from boredom yet. I was on Anderson Cooper and it was pretty good. Anderson didn't ask me about the Israel thing because he had checked with Nightline [see below: Nightline cannot confirm a controversial email attributed to Cindy]. But he followed with a talk show, hate monger host, Darrell Ankarlo, who I have had problems with in the past. He said that I have said that I believe all of the troops are murderers and I have never said that, either. Darrell Ankarlo wanted me to be on his show, but I donít think so.

Another thing is that the Israel thing has not died. I did not say that my son died for Israel. I have never said it, I donít think it, I donít believe it. It is just another lie, smear tactic from the right. It needs to die right now. Itís not the truth. I stand by everything that I have said. But I will not stand by things that I havenít said. I am not anti-Semitic. I am just anti-killing. George Bush is responsible for killing so many people, but nobody scrutinizes anything he says, especially leading up to the war. Since there is nothing to smear me about with the truth, they have to tell lies. A former friend who is anti-Israel and wants to use the spotlight on me to push his anti-Semitism is telling everyone who is listening that I believe that Casey died for Israel and has gone so far as to apparently doctor an email from me. People have to know that he doesnít speak for me. ABC Nightline canít confirm his email is real and therefore any reporting on it is irresponsible. That is not my issue. That is not my message, and anyone who knows me knows it doesnít sound like me.

Iím focused on my mission in Crawford: to meet with the President and demand answers. Thatís it. I have spent enough time on that [false charge]. Enough is enough.

So, tonight was a great night, with the vigil capping it off. There are so many good things happening around the country. I love the people of America, especially after seeing the most amazing stories from the vigils across the country.