Appeal for Solidarity With Iraqi Oil Strikers from Kansas City Labor Webmaster

by Bill Onasch

If you read our Daily Labor News Digest, you know the strike by workers in Iraqís southern oil fields has reached a critical stage. On the other hand, if you havenít been following our news page, you probably wouldnít even know thereís a strike going on. Itís been virtually blacked out by the mainstream media and even by

The spark that ignited the strike is the drive to open up Iraqís state-owned oil to exploitation by U.S. and British oil companies. On the third day of the strike the Baghdad regime ordered the arrests of union leaders. Troops have been sent to the oil fields. It is a very dangerous situation for the strikers.

All of this coincides with a tour of Iraqi unionists in the USA organized by US Labor Against the War.

Please read the stories posted on our Daily Labor News Digest and recent stories pages, and check out the USLAW site for more information and respond to the calls for contacting the Iraqi embassy with solidarity protests.