United for Peace and Justice Joins Win Without War Call for June 26–27 Actions

from U.S. Labor Against the War

U.S. Labor Against the War is an affiliate of United for Peace & Justice, which has called for actions to coincide with the June 30 "transfer" of power in Iraq.  Here is the UFPJ call.  Send in reports of activities planned in your community.

Leslie Cagan

Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 12:14 PM
Subject: [UFPJ] UFPJ joins Win Without War call for June 26–27 actions

TO: Member Groups of United for Peace and Justice

The UFPJ steering committee agreed to join forces with Win Without War in a call for a weekend of actions around the United States just before the June 30th “transfer”of power in Iraq. We know that many of your groups are involved in anti-occupation activities, and some of you may have already made plans for the June 26th – 27th weekend…which is great. Now, as the war and occupation in Iraq continue with new deaths every day, it is important that we re-double our efforts to end this nightmare. Now, as the people of this country are increasingly expressing their opposition to the Bush administration's Iraq policy, we have a new opening to mobilize our communities.

United for Peace and Justice is pleased to be working cooperatively with Win Without War, one of the national anti-war coalitions that formed in the run-up to the Iraq war. The fact that Win Without War is calling for an end of the U.S. occupation of Iraq is an extremely positive step, one we whole-heartedly support.

You will notice in the press release issued by Win Without War (see below) that they call for the setting of a date for the withdrawal of
U.S. troops from Iraq. United for Peace and Justice maintains our position: we call for the immediate withdrawal of troops. Nonetheless,
our national steering committee agreed that given the situation in Iraq and the growing anti-occupation sentiment in this country that this is the time for a unified call from UFPJ and WWW. We continue to encourage our member groups to call for the immediate withdrawal of troops, and we hope you will do so in your local activities over the June 26 – 27 weekend.

As always, we urge you to post your activities on the United for Peace and Justice calendar on our web site:
http://www.unitedforpeace.org/calendar_gxinput.php . Each time a group posts their activities it inspires another group to plan something, and taken as a whole, the calendar makes it possible for us all to see the breadth of activism of this movement.

Please call our office if you have any questions or need more information.

Let's make June 26–27 a truly nationwide weekend of public action to end the occupation of Iraq!!

Win Without War Calls for End of U.S. Occupation,

Setting of Date for Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq
Fire Rumsfeld and Others, Let People of Iraq Govern Selves,

Nation’s Largest Anti-War Coalition
Announces Plans for Nationwide Protest of Bush Iraq Policy

A coalition of 42 national organizations making up the country’s largest anti-war organization called today for a date certain for withdrawing all American troops from Iraq.

“U.S. actions in Iraq are squandering precious lives, national treasure and international support,” said former Congressman Tom Andrews (D-ME), National Director of Win Without War.  “The prisoner abuse scandal has shamed America and increased the danger to U.S. troops.  The occupation is shattering hopes for genuine Iraqi freedom and undermining U.S. and international security.”

The group announced a weekend of nationwide protests of the Bush Iraq policy on June 26 and 27, just days before the U.S. says it will hand sovereignty of Iraq to a UN chosen administration. The weekend action will be organized with Win Without War members MoveOn.org and the Internet based organization True Majority as well as the coalition United for Peace and Justice.

In a statement released today, Win Without War said any rationale that once existed for the U.S. action in Iraq no longer works.

“There is no military solution in Iraq.  We, therefore, call upon our government to commit to ending the military and economic occupation of Iraq and to withdrawing our troops by a date certain.  There is no justification for letting any young American be the last to die for a mistake.

“Some see U.S. withdrawal as an admission of defeat, but the far greater failure would be to remain on the present course.  The invasion of Iraq was flawed from the beginning, and the mistakes of the occupation have compounded that error.  The war has overburdened the armed forces, drained the national treasury and sparked worldwide animosity toward U.S. policy,” the group’s statement said.

Andrews called for the firing of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for his complicit involvement in decisions that led to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib and for his consistent misreading of the situation in Iraq.  Others responsible for the criminal treatment of Iraqis also must go, he said.

The statement of Win Without War, which represents a wide range of civil rights, human rights, peace, religious and political organizations, follows.


End the U.S. Military Occupation of Iraq

Set a Date for the Withdrawal of our Soldiers

Let the People of Iraq Govern Their Own Country – Support

Humanitarian Relief and Economic Reconstruction
Fire Rumsfeld and Those Responsible for the Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners

There is no military solution in Iraq. We therefore call upon our government to end the military and economic occupation of Iraq and to withdraw our troops by a date certain. There is no justification for letting any young American be the last to die for a mistake.

The U.S. has a moral and legal responsibility to help finance humanitarian relief and economic reconstruction. We must work with the UN and other international partners to enhance the security and economic development of a post-Saddam, post-American Iraq.

U.S. actions in Iraq are squandering precious lives, national treasure and international support. The prisoner abuse scandal has shamed America before world opinion and increased the danger to U.S. troops. The occupation is shattering hopes for genuine Iraqi freedom and undermining U.S. and international security.

A majority of Iraqis wants American forces to leave Iraq now.  The mere presence of an unwelcome occupation force, exacerbated by the criminal treatment of Iraqi detainees, is fostering insurgency. Our soldiers have become vulnerable targets and are unable to restore order or get on with the business of rebuilding the country. More troops will not change the reality that Iraqis and most of the world view the American presence as illegitimate and unwelcome.

We demand full accountability for all those responsible for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, including senior-level military and civilian officials. Lower-ranking troops must not be made scapegoats. The cavalier disregard for international law reflected in this scandal has characterized the entire U.S. mission in Iraq.

The plans for creating an interim government on June 30th should foster genuine Iraqi self-rule, not perpetuate U.S. control. Iraqis must have command over their own security forces, and the right to negotiate an agreement setting terms for the operation of foreign troops on their soil. The interim government should have authority over the Iraqi economy and oil revenues and the right to reverse or modify decisions made by the U.S. appointed governing authority.  Absent these conditions, Iraqi “sovereignty” will be a sham.

We reject the argument that America cannot withdraw from a costly, bloody occupation that was mistaken from the beginning. Such a course will only doom more Americans and Iraqis to die for a dubious cause at costs we cannot afford. To those who claim that American credibility is at stake, we say that the best way to restore America’s credibility, respect and honor in the world is through the success of a vigorous citizen’s movement in ending the occupation and holding those responsible fully accountable.  The Win Without War coalition is fully committed to this end.


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