NO IRAQI OIL LAW!International Days of Action, Feb.22-23

Stop the Theft of Iraqís Future ó Iraqi Oil for the Iraqi People

Demonstrate Feb. 22, 2008, in Washington, D.C.


WHAT: Media event and theatrical linking of the Oil Industry and the White House, commemorating one year of opposition to the Iraq Oil Law on the International Day of Solidarity with the Iraqi People.

WHERE: Outside the Exxon Mobil Office, 2000 K St NW

12:00pm: Press event and rally at Exxon office

12:30pm: March with us ó as we mark the oily trail leading to the White House!

(Photo opportunities: Oil Barrels, Placards, Oily Footprints)


WHO:speakers include:

Gene Bruskin, Co-convenor, U.S. Labor Against the War

Adam Kokesh, Iraq Veterans Against the War

Trina Zahller, Oil Change International



In Iraq, the ongoing war and occupation has led to hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths, widespread devastation, relentless insecurity, and crippling poverty.Foreign oil companies are scrambling to use this opportunity to secure access to massive profits from Iraqís large untapped oil reserves at the expense of the Iraqi people.

The occupation of Iraq serves to protect these interests while U.S. military bases are built nearby to guard the oil fields.As well, the Bush administration has tried to push the Iraqi Parliament to pass a law that would give foreign oil companies unprecedented control over Iraqís oil resources.The Iraqi cabinet, under pressure from the U.S., approved this law one year ago on February 23, 2007.The Iraqi Parliament has so far resisted pressure to pass this oil law, but the pressure is by no means over.

In response to this pressure, the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions is mobilizing an international day of action and will be holding protests in Basra and elsewhere against the ongoing occupation, oil law, and privatization contracts.Solidarity actions will be held internationally in the UK, Italy, and the U.S., including in Washington, DC, Texas, New York, and Indiana.

The message of the solidarity actions is this:

The U.S. government and corporations should have no role in pressuring Iraqis to privatize control of their oil while occupying their country.The Iraqi people are held in a military occupation by over 160,000 foreign troops.Iraqi workers are denied basic internationally recognized labor rights.We support the Iraqis in their call for resisting the oil law and foreign contracts while under occupation.We also support worker demands for the rights to organize and bargain.


Join us in solidarity with the people of Iraq by demanding an end to the military and economic occupation. Make the connection between oil and state ó and between profit and war.


Also, on Saturday, Feb. 23 ó local actions

If you live outside of DC, plan a day of action to mark one year of Iraqís resistance to the oil law. Hold a protest or plan a march from a gas station to your Congresspersonís local office, or host a speakersí roundtable on the oil law.


US Labor Against the War

1718 M St, NW #153

Washington DC 20036



Contact Persons:

Denice Lombard, US Labor Against the War: 202.320.5588

Trina Zahller, Oil Change International: 202.744.8578


Check out the USLAW web site for news, information and resources for laborís antiwar movement. See the latest news about Iraqís labor movement, the U.S. military occupation, and the movement that seeks to end it. Learn more about USLAW and what you can do to bring all U.S. troops and contractors home immediately.


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Endorsing Organizations as of 02/14/08:

††† * Oil Change International


††† * U.S.Labor Against the War


††† * No War No Warming


††† * Code Pink


††† * DC Chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)


††† * United for Peace and Justice


††† * VotersForPeace


††† * After Downing Street


††† * Grassroots America


††† * Hands Off Iraqi Oil


††† * Platform UK


††† * War on Want


††† * Consumers For Peace