Stop U.S. Massacres in Iraq!
End the Occupation!
Bring the Troops Home Now!

War Propaganda in Iraq
Controlling Information in the Attack on Fallujah
by Bob Allen

San Francisco
Withdrawal from Iraq Favored by Majority of Voters
from U.S. Labor Against the War

More on GIs Who Refused Order

As Million Worker March Gathers
GI Opposition to Iraq War Grows

by George Saunders

Appeal to All Trade Unions and Progressive Organizations Worldwide
Re: Holding a Conference for Workers of the Southern Iraq in Basra

USLAW Convenes Leadership Meeting in Chicago, December 4, 2004

Vermont AFL-CIO Affiliates to USLAW
Report from Hal Leyshon, Vermont AFL-CIO Executive Board member and central labor council president

National Mail Handlers Union Convention Opposes War and Occupation of Iraq

CWA Convention Calls for Return of U.S. Troops Now

Mobilization Flyer for Labor Contingent
in August 29 RNC March and Rally in New York City

CGT Leader Speaks in Chicago About Solidarity with Iraqi Workers
by Jean-Pierre Page

Service Employees Leader Says The War Is An Issue To Workers
by David Bacon

International Labor Opposition to War and Occupation
The Case of U.S. Labor Against the War
by Michael Eisenscher

Largest State Federation of Labor in U.S. Calls for “Immediate” End to U.S. Occupation of Iraq

SEIU and AFSCME Oppose War
by Lee Sustar
from Socialist Worker

Another Big Lie: the U.S. Has NOT Transferred Sovereignty to the Iraqis
by Jerry Gordon

Voters to Get Say on Iraq
Progressive Supervisors Pen San Francisco Ballot Measure
by Adriel Hampton

We Fight the Wars — We Can Stop the Wars As Well
by Bill Onasch

SEIU Convention Calls for End to U.S. Occupation of Iraq and Return of U.S. Troops

A Day for Mass Protests to Dismiss the “Interim Government” and Expel the U.S. Occupying Troops from Iraq
Statement of the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq, Abroad Organization

United for Peace and Justice Joins Win Without War Call for June 26–27 Actions
from U.S. Labor Against the War

Atrocities in Iraq: “I killed innocent people for our government”
By Paul Rockwell — Special to The Sacramento Bee

History Repeats Itself: Iraq, Labor Rights and Democracy
by Gene Bruskin, Co-Convenor, U.S. Labor Against the War
Presented May 8, 2004, in Chicago

U.S. Labor Against the War Demands:
End the Occupation of Iraq! Bring the Troops Home Now!

Staying the Hand of Massacre
by George Saunders

What’s Next in Iraq?
Interview with Tariq Ali
by Eric Ruder

Two Mainstream Press Reports on Fallujah
U.S. Massacre Brings Huge Wave of Protest and Anger in Iraq and Arab World

Report from Fallujah — Destroying a Town in Order to “Save” It
by Rahul Mahajan

Eyewitness Reports from Iraq
Protest U.S. Massacres in Fallujah and Sadr City!

April 12 Update on Japanese Activists Held Hostage in Iraq

Japanese Hostages To Be Released Soon

Appeal for Japanese Civilians in Iraq
They Are Not Enemies of the Iraqi People! Don’t Kill Them!