Stop U.S. Massacres in Iraq!
End the Occupation!
Bring the Troops Home Now!
Discussion on What Next for the Antiwar Movement

In Resistance We Are United
Basra’s Occupiers Depart Defeated. Our Message to Belligerent British Leaders? Good Riddance
by Hassan Juma’a

Open Letter to the U.S. Antiwar Movement

Important Gains Registered at National Antiwar Assembly
by Andy Pollack

Report to the Northwest New Jersey Peace Fellowship on the National Assembly Antiwar Conference Held in Cleveland, Ohio, June 28–29, 2008
by Tom Barrett

Some Thoughts on the National Assembly against the Iraq War, Cleveland, Ohio, June 27–29, 2008
by Paul LeBlanc

Evaluation of the June 28–29, 2008 National Assembly to End the Iraq War and Occupation
by Jerry Gordon, Marilyn Levin, and Jeff Mackler
Members of the Administrative Committee of the Assembly's 50-Member Coordinating Committee

Urgent Message from Hassan Juma’a Awad, President of the Iraq Federation of Oil Unions

May 1 Press Release & Invitation to Conference:
Five Years after “Mission Accomplished”…
National Antiwar Conference Will Be Held in Cleveland in June

Labor’s First Strike Against the War Gains Momentum
by Joshua Holland

On May Day, West Coast Dock Workers Will Shut Down the Ports to Protest the Iraq War
by Jack Heyman

S.F. Labor Council Backs ILWU May Day Action in West Coast Ports

NO IRAQI OIL LAW!  International Days of Action, Feb. 22–23
Stop the Theft of Iraq’s Future — Iraqi Oil for the Iraqi People
Demonstrate Feb. 22, 2008, in Washington, D.C.

Connecticut Statewide Labor Confederation Votes to Support Oct. 27 Antiwar Rallies in Boston and NYC

From U.S. Labor Against the War
Occupation Forces Attack Iraqi Oil Workers, Kill One

Black-Led March in NJ: We Need More Like This
by Carl Webb

People’s March for Peace, Equality, Jobs, and Justice in Newark, New Jersey
A Good Beginning
by Tom Barrett

Peace Rally Speech — August 25, 2007 — Kennebunkport, Maine
by Peter Kellman, President Southern Maine Labor Council, AFL-CIO

From the San Francisco Chronicle
Why Iraqis oppose U.S.-backed oil law
Workers think foreign firms will take over
by David Bacon

Will the Democrats Please Shut Up?
by Pham Binh

Hundreds of Iraqis Protest Oil Law in Basra

Founder of Iraq Oil Workers Union Rejects U.S.-Backed Oil Law as “Robbery”

Some July 4 Thoughts on the Iraq War: Time for a New Spirit of 1776
by George Saunders

Joint Statement of United States Labor Against the War, the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions, and the Electricity Section Union of Iraq

Iraqi Oil Workers Declare Tactical Victory

Appeal for Solidarity With Iraqi Oil Strikers from Kansas City Labor Webmaster
by Bill Onasch

“We Will Retool...and Come at it from a Different Direction” — Cindy Sheehan Says She Will Return After Stepping Back as Antiwar Leader
Interview with Amy Goodman on “Democracy Now”

Join Iraqi Workers to Say: Hands Off Our Oil!

USLAW at Manila Peace Conference

Antiwar Demonstrators Shut Down Oakland Port Military Cargo Terminal, May 19, 2007

Escalating Military Spending — Income Redistribution in Disguise
by Ismael Hossein-zadeh

California Building Trades Union Leader Calls for End to Occupation, Redirection of Resources to Meet Human Needs

Open Letter to the Members of the Out-of-Iraq Congressional Caucus
from U.S. Labor Against the War
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

New Jersey Antiwar Activists Unite in a New Coalition
by Tom Barrett

Gender-Based Violence and War on Iraq; Support Houzan

Iraq to Give Western Companies Oil Rights: Report

Remarks by Bill Onasch to Alternative Strategies to End the War & Occupation Workshop,
Labor Conference Against the Iraq War, Cleveland, December 3, 2006

Labor Antiwar Forces Gather In Cleveland
by Bill Onasch

Call to the Third National USLAW Labor Assembly Against the War
Cleveland, Ohio

Another Open Letter to George
by Cindy Sheehan

An Appeal for Redress from the War in Iraq

Bush’s Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq’s Oil
by Joshua Holland

How Important Are Expressions of International Labor Solidarity?
by Bill Onasch

Victory for Antiwar Movement and Free Speech
Salt Lake City Rallies Against Bush, Iraq War
5,000 Turn Out on August 30
by Dayne Goodwin

Iraqi Attitudes: Survey Documents Big Changes

Basra Oil Workers Strike Could Resume Sunday
by Kathlyn Stone — World News Trust

Support the Strike of Basra Oil Workers

Declaration of Peace e-News: August 31, 2006
from U.S. Labor Against the War

Why Socialists Must Campaign for Troops Out Now
An Appeal to the Young Socialists of Britain on the Iraq War
by Katan Alder and James Haywood

Cindy Sheehan on Hugo Chávez and George Bush

An Appeal to Libertarian Forces in the World
Support the Oil Workers Strike for a Secure, Prosperous and Free Iraq

Cindy Sheehan: “From My Lai to Haditha—The Abominations of War”

Slaughter at Haditha—The White House and Top Brass Are War Criminals
Kansas City Labor Newsletter
Week in Review, June 5, 2006
by Bill Onasch

“Most Iraqis Don’t Support The U.S. Presence, Talley And Other Marines Said”
Unarmed Civilians Often Butchered “Accidentally”
by Rick Rogers

U.S. Workers Welcome Iraq Freedom Congress Delegation With Warmth and Sympathy

From Public Employee Press
Forum Speakers: War Is a Union Issue

Hundreds of Thousands in New York City March Against the War
Largest Labor Antiwar Contingent Ever Demands Immediate Return of All Troops

First of May…The International Workers’ Day
by Falah Alwan, Federation of workers councils and Unions in Iraq, President

From the Communications Workers of America
New York Peace Rally Drawing Broad Labor Support

Iraq Veterans Against the War Applauds the Strength and Courage of Undocumented Immigrants!

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Resolution on supporting our troops by bringing them home
Submitted by SEIU district 1199p

Luis Primo (Venezuelan UNT) at Portland Anti-War Demonstration
by Hands Off Venezuela

Hundreds of Thousands March Against the War
from International Viewpoint

Bolivarian Revolution Present at the Antiwar Demonstration in London
by Hands Off Venezuela

Third Anniversary
by Cindy Sheehan

Review of the Film “Sir! No Sir!”—A Documentary on the GI Antiwar Movement During Vietnam
by Louis Proyect

An Anniversary We Can’t Forget
by Bill Onasch

Two Reports on the Antiwar Movement:

New California Antiwar Coalition
by Mark Ostapiak

Connecticut Organizing for March 18 Protests
by Chris Gauvreau

Half of U.S. Troops in Iraq Say It’s Time to Come Home
by IPS, from
The Final Call

There are Criminals, and Then There Are CRIMINALS
by Cindy Sheehan

New York Cops, on Orders from “Higher-Up,” Brutalize Cindy Sheehan and Iraqi Women Protesters at UN
This Escalation of Repression Must Be Met With a Massive Outcry
Defend the Right of Free Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom to Peacefully Petition!

LPP Demonstrators Greet Bush
by Farooq Tariq

Angus Reid Global Scan: Polls and Research
Many Americans Urge for Immediate Iraq Withdrawal

Trenton Antiwar Teach-In—“A Good First Step”
by John Leslie

Workers Strike at Basra Oil Transportation Company

United Federation of Teachers
War in Iraq Resolution

A Message from Cindy Sheehan

Here’s What Really Happened
Getting Busted at the State of the Union
by Cindy Sheehan

Message from the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela
A New World Is Possible
by Cindy Sheehan

Calif. Teachers Union: Support April 29 National Mobilization to Bring Troops Home Now!

Katrina: the War at Home and the War Abroad

Hassan Juma’a Awad in the News Again
Iraqi Oil Union Leader Speaks in Manchester, England

The Myth of the Spat-Upon Veteran
by Michael Livingston

Soldier, Come Home:
Police State Thugs Attacked Your Mom for Defending the Liberties of Americans

My Open Letter to George
…A Message from Cindy Sheehan

Iraq and the Labor Movement
The Remarkable Story of USLAW
by Michael Zweig

From ZNet
On John Murtha’s Position
by Gilbert Achcar and Stephen R. Shalom

From Counterpunch
Ron Jacobs Exposes Democrats’ Duplicity Behind McGovern's Phony “Withdrawal” Resolution

Pwogwessive Democrats of America
by Lou Proyect (reposted by Stan Goff)

Nov. 11 issue of “GI Special”: A Good Antidote to the “Phased Withdrawal” Democrats
Never Mind the “Alternative Exit Strategies”—Bring ’Em All Home Now!

Students Gather at University of Minnesota to Protest War

From Monthly Review
This Time the Movement Won’t Leave the Streets
by Jon Flanders

War-Hawk Republicans and Anti-War Democrats: What’s the Difference?
A Message from Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan Answers Karl Rove
Antiwar Movement “Nonexistent”?

Joint Rally and March on September 24 in Washington, D.C.
Statement of United for Peace and Justice
Statement of International ANSWER

Statement of Emergency Ad Hoc Committee for a United Demonstration

Letter from Cindy Sheehan

Gallup: Americans to Bush—Withdraw Troops from Iraq

Bring Them Home Now Tour
From U.S. Labor Against the War

The Two Americas
by Marjorie Cohn

Bush, Camp Casey, and “The Two Americas”
by George Saunders

The War at Home
by Joe Auciello

Out Now or Out Some Day
Stan Goff vs. Tom Hayden

The Iraq War and MoveOn
by Norman Solomon
from Common Dreams News Center

Joint Demo, Sheehan, MoveOn, Hayden
by Stan Goff

GI Special 3C28: Sailors for Cindy

A British Response to the London Bombings:

Blair’s Ostrich Syndrome Will Endanger Lives: a British Reaction to the London Bombs
by Stella Jorgensen

The War on Terror is a War on Reason
by Stella Jorgensen

Crawford Update, August 20, 2005

Crawford Vigil Is Not Over
Exclusive Interview with Cindy Sheehan After Mother's Stroke:

“I Want to Get Back As Soon As Possible”

Letter to the President from Families and Vets

From the BBC
U.S. Antiwar Movement Gains Steam

Cindy and the New Orleans Peace Train
by Greg Moses

Rural New Jersey Newspaper Covers Antiwar Vigil:
Vigil Raises Questions About War
by Bill McGovern, IV
from the New Jersey Herald, Newton, New Jersey

(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Cindy Sheehan’s Message from Crawford, Aug. 18: “Vigils”

Announcement by United for Peace and Justice
Cindy Sheehan to Speak at Sept. 24 Antiwar Demonstration

Message from Cindy Sheehan, August 17
Peaceful Occupation of Crawford—Putting Out Fires

Count on ’em to Move On
by Bill Onasch

Cindy Sheehan Message, August 16
“Misses and Miracles”

Fort Hood GIs Visit Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas
Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks Contact Cindy

Cindy Sheehan, Day Ten at “Camp Casey,” Crawford, Texas
(as reported August 15, 2005, by Amy Goodman on “Democracy Now”)

Cindy Sheehan August 13 Statement from Crawford, Texas
“The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford, Day 8, WOW!!!”

Cindy Sheehan Interview on “Democracy Now” Aug. 12
From ZNet
by Norman Solomon
From ZNet
Sheehan Bush and Dean
by Norman Solomon
From Monthly Review:
Looking Back at The Battle of Algiers
by Louis Proyect
Unions at War
by David Bacon
Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan, Crawford, Texas
May You Prevail, Where Others Have Failed
by Ralph Nader
Three Reports on Cindy Sheehan’s Campaign:
Camping Out at Crawford, Texas, Against the Iraq War—
Demand That Bush Talk to Cindy and Get Out Now!

Cindy Sheehan Speaks Out: “Still Not Worth It”

AFL-CIO Says “Bring the Troops Home”

Iraqi Oil Workers Strike July 17—Oil Exports Shut Down
If the Iraqi government does not agree to the union’s demands, a general strike will ensue
by Ewa Jasiewicz

United for Peace and Justice’s Statement on the September 24 Demonstration:
An Important Step in the Right Direction—Where We Agree and Where We Disagree
by Alan Benjamin, Jerry Gordon, Andy Griggs, and Bill Onasch

From Socialist Voice:
Iraqi Unionists Speak Out as Failure of Occupation Deepens
by Roger Annis

Call For A United Antiwar Movement — We Must All March Together on September 24!

Hassan Awad and Faleh Umara in Los Angeles
Iraqi Oil Workers Meet with U.S. Oil Workers
by Kathleen O’Nan

Iraq Unionists Visit Milwaukee
Denounce Occupation, Urge International Solidarity
by Mike McCallister

Iraqi and U.S. Trade Unionists Sign Joint Declaration

Why Anti-Imperialists Should Support a Mass Movement Against the Iraq War
by Bill Onasch

From U.S. Labor Against the War
Iraqi Union Leader: “Devastation, Death, Instability—This Is the Occupation”
by Kathleen Wilkes

From U.S. Labor Against the War
Iraq Labor Tour City and Region Schedule with Local Contact Information

From an Antiwar Activist in Scotland:
Lies, Damn Lies, and Patriotism:
Exposing the Hypocrisy of the Pro-War Movement
by Stella Jorgensen

Labor Antiwar Forum Held in Connecticut
by Renee Tanner

Shi’eh Protest Over U.S. Presence in Iraq
from al-Jazireh

Up to 300,000 Demonstrate in Baghdad
by Juan Cole

Quit Iraq: “The Largest Popular Demonstrations in Iraq Since 1958”
from Critical Montages

Report on Hassan Juma’a Awad’s Visit to Britain
by Eva Jasiewicz

Message from Iraqi Trade Unionist
“Leave Our Country Now”
by Hassan Juma’a Awad

From the San Francisco Chronicle
Labor’s Right to Protest the War
by Jack Heyman

From Socialist Voice
How Revolutionary Socialists Opposed the Vietnam War
by Ian Angus

The Case of Giuliana Sgrena
The Hazards of Reporting on the U.S. Occupation of Iraq
by W.T. Whitney, Jr.

Unifying the Antiwar Movement: USLAW Can Help
Statement of the Executive Board of the Ohio State Labor Party,
an affiliate of U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW)
January 30, 2005

Educators to Stop the War to Hold East Coast Regional Conference
Saturday, March 5, 2005, in New York City

Why I Refused a 2nd Deployment to Iraq
by Sgt. Kevin Benderman

USLAW Condemns the Murder of Hadi Salih

Various Clippings, All on One Topic: “Bring the Troops Home Now!”
by George Shriver

We Will Reclaim Our Armed Forces!
Speech by Stan Goff at the December 11 Public Meeting and Speak Out in New York City

Which Way for the Antiwar Movement?
Connecticut United for Peace Conference Sets an Example
by Renee Tanner

Speech at Connecticut Anti-War Conference
by Bill Fletcher, Jr.