Million Worker March— Washington, DC, Oct. 17, 2004

The “Million Worker March” and the Need for a Class Struggle Left Wing in the Unions
by Tom Barrett

Drawing a Balance Sheet on the Million Worker March
by Bill Onasch

Thoughts on the Million Worker March
by David Jones

From Workday Minnesota
Unionists Blast Bush on War, AFL-CIO on Inaction
by Mark Gruenberg

Martin Luther King III to Speak at Million Worker March, October 17, 2004, in Washington, DC

Million Worker March to Voice Labor Movement Concerns
by Rebecca Trela
Scripps Howard Foundation Wire

Why We Need a Million Worker March and Why Now
by Christopher Silvera, chairman, Teamsters Black Caucus, and
secretary-treasurer, Teamsters Local 808, Long Island City, New York

John Sweeney, the Greens and the Million Worker March
by Mike McCallister

Million Worker March Website