Troy, New York, Labor Council Issues Call:
For a General Strike to Support NYC Transit Workers

Whereas: The Transit Workers of TWU 100 are on strike to defend their rights and dignity as workers in New York City.

Whereas: The Metropolitan Transit Authority currently has a billion dollar surplus and the State of New York is also running a budget surplus.

Whereas: The Metropolitan Transit Authority is headed by multi-millionaire real estate developer Peter Kalikow as part of a reactionary clique of anti-worker politicians which includes NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NY State Governor George Pataki.

Whereas: Rather than using this surplus to negotiate a just settlement with TWU Local 100 the MTA demands concessions from the transit workers.

Whereas: The Right to Strike is a fundamental human right without which all other rights of workers become meaningless.

Whereas: This Anti-Worker Clique is using every anti-labor law on the books, including the threat of arresting union leaders, to intimidate the transit workers into accepting concessions.

Whereas: All the anti-labor and anti-working class forces have come out of the woodwork in a crusade to crush this union and to set the stage for an all-out assault on the workers of New York City, New York State, and the rest of the United States.

Therefore: The Troy Area Labor Council of the AFL-CIO calls on the New York State AFL-CIO to organize a General Strike of all New York State Union Workers to bring these Anti-Worker politicians to their senses and to obtain a just settlement of the Transit Worker Strike.

Passed unanimously at the December 21 meeting of the Troy Area Labor Council AFL-CIO