Discussion and Analysis of the New York Transit Strike

On December 22, the Executive Board of Transport Workers Union Local 100 voted 36 to 5, with two abstentions, to end the strike against the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority even though no settlement had been reached. Labor Standard will be posting updates on the negotiations and the discussion within the TWU and the entire New York labor movement in the days and weeks to come.

Transit Workers Reject Raw Deal
by Marty Goodman
from Socialist Action

Too Much Shaking and Stirring Spoils the Recipe
by Bill Onasch

Contract Bulletin
Reasons to Vote “No” on This Contract
by Marty Goodman, TWU Local 100 Executive Board Member

From International Viewpoint:
Transit Union Shuts Down New York
by Steve Downs

The 2005 New York City Transit Strike
Report on the First Day, and Other Thoughts
by Naomi Allen

New York Transit Strike: Report on Day 2

Troy, New York, Labor Council Issues Call:
For a General Strike to Support NYC Transit Workers

Transit Worker Heroes Stand Up for All Workers, Stave Off Pension Giveback
But Toussaint Caves In, Gives Up on Healthcare Premiums
by Andrew Pollack and Marty Goodman

What I Learned from the NYC Transit Strike
by Jon Flanders