The Black is Back Coalition is calling on all peace loving people, particularly the Africans of the world, to muster all resources possible and participate in the Haiti National Mobilizing March and Rally which is going to be held in Miami, Florida on February 20th 2010.

Despite the fact that Haiti’s capital was devastated by an earthquake on January 12th 2010 that resulted in thousands being killed and hundreds of thousands left homeless the United States is using this tragic opportunity to tighten its imperial noose around Haiti's neck. Instead of water, food and clothes, they’re sending soldiers with guns, and helicopters and ships to control Haiti's ports.

The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations is sponsoring the mobilization and we believe that our response must be a political one, that exposes the colonial oppression of Haiti and holds up its long history of liberation struggle that resulted in Haiti becoming the first free African republic in the western hemisphere.

We believe the people of Haiti are part of the Black world and therefore African people everywhere have a special responsibility to step forward and address the tragic conditions of our people in Haiti. Furthermore, we understand that the dire poverty of Haiti is a result of French colonialism and U.S. military intervention in Haiti over the last 200 years and the earthquake of January 12, 2010 exacerbated the underdevelopment existent in Haiti since the beginning of its ongoing struggle for liberation.

The Black is Back Coalition stands united in our firm belief that the Africans in Haiti are capable of governing themselves and policing themselves. We remember the 900 lives lost to Hurricane Katrina New Orleans because of the US government’s negligence in its response to rescue poor black people after a tragedy. Similarly, we believe that the sole purpose of US presence in Haiti is to ensure that out of the rubble the people's political power and organization will not emerge.

Therefore, we stand united with the people of Haiti and we demand:

     The removal of all foreign military troops in Haiti including those from the United States, Canada, Europe and the combined imperial forces of the United Nations.

     The return of President Jean Bertrand Aristide from forced exile in South Africa and the restoration of democracy in Haiti.

     Reparations be made to Haiti by France as repayment for the billions of dollars that Haiti was forced to pay France following the struggle for the abolition of slavery and the creation of the First African Republic in the Western Hemisphere on the 1st January 1804. We also demand that the United States makes reparations to Haiti for its brutal and unjust occupation of Haiti from 1915–1934 that culminated in the looting of the Haitian Treasury. We also demand that the United States provide reparations to Haiti for its constant interference in Haiti’s domestic politics that has undermined the economy. This should include the cancellation of all debt.

     The release of all Africans from Haiti who are being imprisoned in Detention Centers throughout the world.

     The repudiation of the Wet Foot/Dry Foot Policy that unfairly discriminates against Africans from Haiti and the establishment of an open door policy that allows Africans from Haiti to enter the United States, and any other country, unfettered.

     An automatic removal of the $80 Temporary Protective Status (TPS) fee that is associated with the application for this status. This fee is an economic barrier to the 100,000+ Africans in Haiti who are eligible for this status.

     The immediate removal of trade, aide and loan restrictions by the World Bank and other international financial institutions that impose restrictions on growing food necessary for development. This includes restrictions on production on domestic rice and other agricultural products that Haiti can do for herself.

     The immediate removal of maritime restrictions that keep out neighboring countries of CARICOM and Latin America from providing assistance to Haiti.

The Black is Back Coalition calls on all Africans and peace loving people to come out and support the mobilization, so that we can all demand justice and reparations for the people of Haiti. Forward to Miami. Let us all come together to Speak Truth to Power and Free Haiti.