Working-Class Views and Discussion:
Afghanistan War, Terrorism, and September 11

The Homeland Is In Danger!
by Bill Onasch

Fourth International Resolution
The September 11 Attacks and the Aggression against Afghanistan

Winning Wars and White Man’s Burden
Two Traditions Live to Fight On Once Again
by Bill Onasch

Labor’s Toll Was Heavy September 11 and After
A Statement by the Labor Party Interim National Council

Worker to Worker Aid for Afghanistan

Justice for September 11 Victims!
Congress Must Act Now to Guarantee Full, Fair, and Immediate Compensation for All!
by David Jones

Sorting Out Terrorism from the “War Against Terrorism”
by Bill Onasch

Kabul Falls—What Next?
by Farooq Tariq, general secretary, Labour Party of Pakistan

Will Canadian Labour Congress Oppose the War?

Report from Pakistan
Scottish Socialist Interviews Afghan Socialists
by Alan McCombes

Mammoths, Mastodons and Tigers, Oh My!
by Charles Walker

Post–Sept. 11 Economic Stimulus?
“Workers Can’t Spend Praise”
by Charles Walker  

“Bring Them to Justice!”
But Who Do You Trust To Do It?
by Charles Walker  

While Aid Agencies Warn of Mass Starvation…
N.Y. Times Paints Rosy Picture of Afghan Refugees’ Situation
by Andy Pollack

“Daily News” to Afghani Children: Drop Dead!
by Andy Pollack  

New York City Labor Statement on September 11

Statement of the French Confédération Générale du Travail

Oppose Terrorism! Oppose War! Start a Movement to Build Peace
Statement by Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

The Canton, Ohio, Speech of Eugene Victor Debs
June 16, 1918

For Peace, Against War, for Liberty and Democracy
Statement of the Executive Committee of the Unified Trade Union Federation of Brazil

Mainstream Economists Fear Depression Looming
by Charles Walker

Soaring Joblessness
What Are Workers and Unions to Do?
by Charles Walker

War is a Working-Class Issue
What We Support — What We Oppose
by Bill Onasch

The Working Class, Terrorism, and War
by Bill Onasch

America’s Main Business Paper Reports on Pittsburgh Antiwar Movement

Will the Drive to War Kill International Solidarity?
A Labor Notes Editorial

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement on September 11 Attacks

Oil: “Part of the Backstory”
by Charles Walker

Pittsburgh Educational Speak-Out, September 30
Terrorism and “Globalization”— the Need for Global Justice in the Shadow of War 

Thousands Fill Streets of D.C. to Protest War
From the Washington Post

The Wartime Opportunists

Washington Alliance of Technology Workers Members Respond to Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001

“No to Terrorism and No to War”
Text of Fidel Castro’s Speech of September 22, 2001

Views of a Leader of the Black Radical Congress
“Barbara Lee Speaks for Me”
by Frances M. Beal

San Francisco Labor Council Statement on the Tragic Events of September 11, 2001

Horror and Hypocrisy
Statement by the Socialist Alliance Executive  

And Our Flag Was Still There
by Barbara Kingsolver  

The Role of the Movement against Global Capital in the Fight against War
by Andy Pollack

Local 1199 Opposes War

Washington State Jobs with Justice Statement on 9-11-01

Not in Our Son’s Name
Letters by Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez  

ICFTU Says Nov. 9 Day of Action Will Go Ahead
by Andy Pollack  

Don’t Forget U.S. Government-Sponsored Terrorism Against Cuba
Stop the Abuse of Cuban Children — and Their Doctors
by W.T. Whitney Jr.

Notes on the Skyjackings
It’s the Oil, Isn’t It?
by Charles Walker


More Response from Labor Activists to the New York/Washington Atrocities

War’s Impact on Labor