On the Eve of Stanley “Tookie” Williams’ Execution—Rally at San Quentin Prison, December 12

Leaders of Mumia Defense Call for Massive Turnout

Dear Friends of Mumia and opponents of the death penalty,

As we write this note on Friday morning, December 9, we have yet to hear whether Governor Schwarzenegger has granted clemency to San Quentin death row inmate StanleyTookie” Williams.

Most everyone believes that Stan’s supporters and the broader anti-death-penalty movement have done just about all that can be done to compel the governor to do the right thing.

Many full-page ads have been placed in nationally-read newspapers, 200 mobilized in Sacramento yesterday, tens of thousands of phone calls and letters have been written, and rallies have been called across the country and especially in California. The MOBE (Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal) has been there throughout, lending our voice and support and joining with so many compassionate groups and individuals to help stay the hand of Williams’ would-be executioners.

We are now waiting for a decision, hoping that our energies and dedication will bear fruit. We can only imagine the agony that Stan must be going through as the final preparations for his execution begin.

No one knows when the governor’s decision will be announced.

For now, we call upon Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal activists to join us at the final protest at San Quentin set for this Monday night at 8:00 pm, December 12. We will assemble at the gates of San Quentin, where a series of speakers will detail what has happened and why the fight against the racist and classist death penalty must continue with renewed strength and commitment no matter the outcome.

Drivers can come close to the rally site from the East Bay by crossing the Richmond Bridge and exiting immediately at the first exit. The prison is about a quarter mile away assuming one could turn immediately left under the freeway and walk straight ahead for that distance.

But on such days state authorities block off this left turn, and people must continue on the service road and try to find a parking space as close as possible. Then walk back toward the freeway underpass and join us at the rally site at the gates of San Quentin prison in the City of San Quentin. You won’t miss us.

We have been asked to provide some MOBE activists to help with stage security at the rally site. This means that these volunteers will join others at the stage to help ensure what all expect to be a peaceful assembly.

Barring a decision by the governor to grant clemency, Stan’s execution is set for 12:01 am, that is, during the first minute of Tuesday, December 13. We are hoping that this moment never comes. But if it does, we must be there to protest with all our might and rededicate ourselves to this vital cause.

It is appropriate to remind Mumia supporters that we have defeated two orders for Mumia’s execution to date. The struggle for his life and freedom has taken a turn for the better after so many in “the Establishment” had insisted that it was hopeless.

It was the enduring movement that we have so diligently built that accounts for Mumia’s continuing vitality and the struggle to win his freedom.

We must do the same for StanleyTookie” Williams. Our strength, solidarity, and unity are our indispensable weapons at this critical hour.

Join us at San Quentin on Monday night at 8:00 pm.

In solidarity,
Jeff Mackler and Laura Herrera, Co-coordinators
The Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal