Alternative Information Center (Israel) Issues Emergency Call for Action

[The following statement was posted on the Internet March 30, 2002, and forwarded to us by the press service of the Fourth International. The Alternative Information Center (AIC) has for decades been an active source of resistance and opposition within Israel to the racist, Zionist-led expansion policies of the Israeli government.]

The recent Israeli attacks on Palestinian territory are a clear answer by Sharon to the Arab strategic choice of peace declared at the Beirut Arab Summit. The Israeli refusal of peace came just hours after the Arab declaration of the peace initiative. This Israeli answer is an all-out war against the Palestinian people and their leadership. The Israeli definition of President Arafat as an “enemy” was supported fully by US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who accepted wholesale the spurious attempt by Israel to justify the savage actions of its military as security measures.

Sharon's rationale for his political and military initiatives is and has always been to “fight terror,” yet the nature of the current Israeli military action involves the systematic destruction of all Palestinian Authority (PA) infrastructures, as well as the local Palestinian economy. All of this is happening under the nose of the international community, in contravention of international humanitarian law and human rights conventions. It is our understanding that these activities have been approved by the United States, the sponsor of the [so-called] peace process.

By attacking the PA centers of power, the ultimate aim of these actions is to encourage the processes of internal civil unrest inside Palestine and to destabilize the forces of legitimate resistance to Israel, while conducting a full-scale assault on Palestine. In this way, it is a war conducted on two fronts, both lethal and both illegal.

The AIC condemns all attacks against civilians, yet the overall responsibility for this violence lies with the Israeli government and its systematic practices over the last 18 months. These practices have aimed to undermine all achievements of the PA over the years, whether on the political level, the infrastructure building of the future state, or the legitimacy it earns.

The AIC views the current Israeli military actions as an all-out war aimed to lower morale and destroy Palestinian aspirations to freedom and independence. As the various Israeli governments since the commencement of the Oslo process were unable to attain their imposed version of peace, the current war derives from the dogmatic and ideological beliefs of Sharon's far-right government, with the full agreement of the Labour Party. This policy, which never recognizes Palestinian rights, is in harmony with the Israeli political project of imposing “Palestinian self rule” in disconnected Bantustans [enclaves], while retaining complete Israeli control over land, water, borders, etc.

Sharon's declaration that this is an all-out war against the Palestinians, a war with no time limitations and waged under the eye of the international community with a green light from the U.S., means:

In light of this the AIC calls for:

  1. Serious and real international pressure on the Israeli government to end its all-out war and halt the destruction of Palestinian infrastructures and the legal and legitimate authority of the PA. In particular, Europe must move forward against American hegemony in the area to provide the support necessary for a just peace in the region.

  2. Immediate deployment of international observers to protect the Palestinians against this unprecedented aggression. Pressure should be brought both on the UN and within the European institutions to remove barriers to the introduction of observers/protection forces, barriers raised by a small group of countries that have consistently blocked these initiatives.

  3. Implementation of all UN resolutions concerning Palestine and the conclusion of the Israeli occupation as the sole means for a stable and lasting peace in Palestine/Israel.