Cuban Workers Solidarity With Charleston Longshoremen

The following message was sent from the city of Havana, Cuba, on June 9, 2001, by the Central Union of Workers of Cuba, Central de los Trabajadores de Cuba.

Brother Ken Riley,
President Local 1422
International Longshore Association

Brother Riley:

We have just received the information about the National March for Workers Rights to be held in Columbia, South Carolina, on June 9, 2001, whose main focus is the case of the Charleston Five.

It had a great impact on all of us because it is quite difficult to believe that a group of unarmed workers who peacefully defend their legitimate rights could be so brutally attacked with such a deployment of sophisticated equipment and offensive weapons.

This savage attack and the laws against workers and unions’ rights existing in South Carolina are real proof that the neoliberal practices are not just put forward in Third World countries but also in the most powerful and developed country in the world, with no respect for labor and workers’ rights, but in the name of the so-called democracy that only works for corporations and the most wealthy people.

On behalf of the 3.1 million members of the Central Workers Union of Cuba and our 19 national sectoral unions, we wish to convey to the Charleston Five and all longshore workers our sincere solidarity. We will send the information about this injustice to other friends in Latin American unions so as to promote a vast solidarity movement with you to stop these unfair practices against workers.

Long live labor solidarity!

Central de Trabajadores de Cuba