Joint Statement by Two Leading Groups in Genoa Demonstrations

Defend the Mass Movement for an Alternative to Capitalist Globalization

The following statement by the Genoa Social Forum for Democracy (GSF) and the Party of Communist Refoundation was released on July 23.

Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated peacefully in Genoa against the G-8 summit and because another world should be possible. The existence of a mass movement, big and pluralistic in cultures and reference, has been proved: it opposes the arrogance of capitalist globalization and proposes an alternative.

The so-called Black Bloc is an enemy of this movement from any point of view, and any attempt to create connections [linking the Black Bloc] with the GSF is false and slanderous. On the contrary, the responsibility lies with the Italian authorities, who were not able or did not want to act to isolate violent groups and to defend the city and demonstrators: they carried out indiscriminate repression and caused a real suspension of the state of law. Weapons have been used, and a young man has been killed: this kind of thing has not happened [in Italy] for twenty years. We express our condolences and our grief to his family.

The nighttime raid [by the police] at the GSF center represented a very grave and anti-constitutional act against the representatives of the movement, and against the democratic press, members of parliament, and lawyers, who were not allowed to check the methods of the military operation. Such things cannot happen in a democratic country! We must inquire into all those who had responsibilities, but it is absolutely obvious that those presently in charge of “public order” had the most serious political responsibilities. For this reason we demand the resignation of the Minister of the Interior, of the Chief of the Police, and of the Commander of the Italian Carabinieri Force.

Let’s mobilize to defend constitutional freedoms! Communist Refoundation will take part in any mobilization, as proposed by the Genoa Social Forum, to defend democracy!

Rome, July 23, 2001