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We Are All Scott Olsen

November 2nd: National Day of Action in Solidarity with Occupy Oakland and in Defense of the Occupy Movement Nationally

[The following message was sent out by the Labor Outreach Committee at Occupy Wall Street in New York City. We urge all to support this action—Editors of Labor Standard]

On October 25th, Occupy Oakland was brutally attacked by riot police. One protester, Iraq veteran Scott Olsen, remains in critical condition. But on Wednesday, October 26, thousands of protesters reoccupied Oscar Grant Plaza in courageous defiance of this attempt at repression. The Oakland General Assembly has called for a general strike on Wednesday, November 2nd. Given this call, and given the national attempt by mayors and police to repress and silence our movement, the Labor Outreach Committee of Occupy Wall Street is calling for a national day of action on November 2nd in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and in defense of the Occupy movement nationally. We urge students, labor, the unemployed, and all members of the 99% to take action on that day to send a message that our movement will not be silenced.