Oaxaca: The Teachers’ Strike That Became a Mass Rebellion

Oaxacan Teachers Support the APPO and the Ninth Megamarch
New March Proves Movement is Alive; State Government Blocks Access to Public Spaces with Razor Wire and Dogs
by Nancy Davies

Zapatistas Call For International Day of Protest in Solidarity With Oaxaca
by Elizabeth Press for Democracy Now!

Oaxaca Battles Vicious Repression
Marcos: Oaxaca from Above — and Below
Radical Mexico Rallies to Defend Imprisoned and Missing
by Subcomandante Marcos

APPO Leader Flavio Sosa Arrested and Jailed
Arrested Along with Ignacio García and Marcelino Coache in Mexico City; Protests Announced in Oaxaca
by Juan Trujillo

The APPO Lives
Communiqué from Somewhere in the State of Oaxaca, from the State Council of the Popular Peoples’ Assembly of Oaxaca
by the CEAPPO

Oaxaca: The End of Tolerance
Why Is This Repression Carried Out Against the Popular Movement? And Why Now?
by Luis Hernández Navarro

The Coup d’Etat in Mexico
As a New Regime Prepares to Seize Control December 1, Promising a New Wave of Repression, the Antidote Is Being Born from Below
by Al Giordano

Massacre in Oaxaca
Stop the Mexican Government’s Savage Attacks

Offensive by the Federal Preventive Police Against the People of Oaxaca
Confrontation Continues Between the Police and the APPO in Different Parts of the City
by the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO)

The APPO Grows
by Indigenous Communities

Proposals for APPO Constitutional Congress from Indian Organizations for Human Rights in Oaxaca (OIDHo)

Marcos: “We Are On the Eve of Either a Great Uprising or a Civil War”
Calderón Will Begin to Fall from the Day He Takes Office, Warns the Rebel Leader
by Hermann Bellinghausen

Mexico: Revolution Takes Another Step Forward
by Jorge Martin

Blockades Close Chiapas in Defense of Oaxaca
Thousands of Indigenous Civilians from Zapatista Communities Successfully Stop Traffic on All Major Roads and Highways in the Highlands and Jungle Regions
by Al Giordano

On the 96th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, Oaxaca
The Movement Has Taken on a Life that Confounds Observers; “the Federal Police Could Suffer Military Defeat”
by Nancy Davies

Celia Hart’s Call for Solidarity with APPO
“Put the Full Glare of Light on Oaxaca!”

Oaxaca’s APPO Forms Permanent Government, Announces Escalation of Resistance
3,000 Delegates Meet in the Midst of State Repression and Reorganize for the Struggle Ahead
by Nancy Davies

The Current Struggle of Oaxaca
by Nancy Romer

San Francisco Labor Council Resolution in Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca

The Battle of Ciudad Universitaria
Empowered by Victory Over the PFP, the APPO Calls for Reinforced Barricades Throughout Oaxaca; Announces a Sixth Megamarch for Sunday
by James Daria

For the Information of Our Readers:
López Obrador: We Will Continue to Speak Out Until the Powers That Be in Oaxaca Are Ousted
Speech of Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the meeting to support the people of Oaxaca, delivered at the Hemiciclo a Juárez [Juárez Monument] of this city
Mexico, Federal District
Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Oaxaca, Solitary and in Flames
Party of Democratic Revolution Won’t Defend Oaxaca
by Adolfo Gilly

The APPO Wins an Important Battle Against the PFP
by Greg Berger

Celia Hart: Oaxaca... ¡A plena luz! (in Spanish)

Communiqué from the National Indigenous Congress in Support of the APPO
by The National Indigenous Congress

Chronicle of the Battle of Oaxaca: Stage Three, Day One
The Majority of People on the Street Waiting to Confront the Police were Common Citizens Ready to Put Their Lives on the Line
by James Daria

A Call from the Zapatistas: Oaxaca Is Not Alone
Shut-Down of Roads, Highways and the Media on November 1; General Strike Called for November 20
by the Sixth Commission of the EZLN

Federal Police Authorized to Enter Oaxaca
A Day Of Killings While Teachers Negotiate in Mexico City
by Nancy Davies

Oaxaca’s Popular Assembly Throws Down a Challenge to the Governor: General Strike on October 27, 28, and 29
Divisions in the Teachers’ Union as Members Vote to Return to Classes
by Nancy Davies

Brad Will, New York Documentary Filmmaker and Indymedia Reporter, Assassinated by Pro-Government Gunshot in Oaxaca While Reporting the Story
by Al Giordano

Mexico Governor under Senate Fire

Nine Dead: Indigenous Teacher Assassinated in Oaxaca City
The APPO Declares Maximum Alert After Reports of PRI Members Preparing Attack
by Enrique Mendez and Octavio Velez

Reports from Oaxaca, Oct. 15–17
by John Gibler

Police and Government Thugs Open Fire on APPO Members
Four Wounded Outside the Department of Citizen Protection in Oaxaca City
by Enrique Mendez and Octavio Velez

Indigenous Teachers Defend “A Just Cause”
Teachers Build and Defend Thousands of Makeshift Barricades Throughout Oaxaca City
by John Gibler

APPO, The De Facto Government in Oaxaca, Moves Toward Permanence
by Nancy Davies

Oaxaca Popular and Indigenous Organizations Boycott Negotiating Session in Mexico City
by Kristin Bricker

Crisis Escalates as Marines Land in Oaxaca
Governor’s Departure Now a National Demand, as Political Figures Pledge to Travel to the State as “Human Shields” in the Event of an Attack
by Nancy Davies

Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Guerrero Created in Chilpancingo
The Primary Demand is the Dismissal of the Secretary of Education
by Notimex

In the Other Mexico City, the Ghosts of Tlatelolco 1968 March in Defense of Oaxaca and Atenco in 2006
After 38 Years, Government Repression and Media Simulation Still Fail to Silence the Voices from Below
by Simon Fitzgerald

Communiqué: Encampment for Dignity and Against Repression in Oaxaca
Donate Seventy-Two Hours for Peace
by Civil Society Organizations of Oaxaca

Marcos says: “Oaxaca Is an Emergency, But It Is Also an Example to Follow”
by Al Giordano

The Fox Government Threatens to Violently Repress the Popular Movement in Oaxaca!

First Forum for Solidarity with the Pueblo de Oaxaca

More Military Flights Over Oaxaca City
by Dan Feder

Preparations for War in Oaxaca
Military Aircraft Doing Reconnaissance Flights Over APPO Encampments
by Diego Enrique Osorno and Óscar Rodríguez

Oaxaca Teachers Agree to Continue Protest Until Gov. Ulises Ruiz Falls
Some Claim the Current Business Strike Will Be Used as Pretext for Repression
by Hermann Bellinghausen

Oaxaca is the Football, and the PRI, PAN and PRD Are Kicking it Around
None of Them Has Figured Out a Way to Score
by Nancy Davies

Mexico at the Edge: Toward a Declaration of Dual Power
by Dan La Botz

MEXICO: Oaxaca on Verge of Civic Insurrection
by Peter Gellert

Posted for the Information of Our Readers:
A New Revolution (Mexico)
by Roger Burbach

Oaxaca’s Popular Assembly “Expels” the State Government
Events Announced to Build a “National Movement from Below”
by Nancy Davies

Oaxaca State Government’s Transfer to Juchitán Canceled: “The Conditions Do Not Exist”
The Teachers’ Union in this PRI-Dominated, Indigenous City Joins the Popular Mobilization
by Hermann Bellinghausen

For the Information of Our Readers
Mexico: What Attitude Should APPO Take Towards the National Democratic Convention?
by Militante

Oaxaca’s Social Movement Develops Radical Vision for a National Government of the People
by Nancy Davies

Mexico: Marxist Tendency “Militante” under Attack — Urgent Appeal for Action
by In Defence of Marxism

A Series of Articles on Mexico

  1. The Battle of Oaxaca in the Context of Mexico’s Post-Electoral Crisis
    by Nancy Davies

  2. Operation “Clean-Up” in Oaxaca

  3. Mexican Revolutionary Socialists Denounce Electoral Fraud
    by the Socialist Unity League

  4. Repression and Electoral Fraud—Showdown in Mexico

  5. Background on the Zapatistas’ “Other Campaign”
    by Roger Stoll

  6. From Teachers’ Strike Towards Dual Power
    The Revolutionary Surge in Oaxaca
    by George Salzman