Palestine: Solidarity with the Arab Struggle

Resist the Walls of Apartheid with Murals of International Solidarity
Join the LaBOR aRT & MuRAL PRoJECT in Palestine/Israel

Israel and the U.S. Media
by Joe Auciello

Bush’s June 24 Speech: A Reflection of U.S. Impotence
by Abbas Hamideh

U.S. Dollars Pay for Israeli Tanks and Guns
All-Out War Against Palestinians Carries Bush Administration’s Blessing
by Tom Barrett

AFL-CIO Honors Israeli Consul General
New York City Labor Against War Says: No Labor Money for Israeli War Crimes!

Petition Protesting Sweeney AFL-CIO Support For Israeli Invasion

England’s Largest Trade Union Says Stop Arms Sales to Israel
Text of April 20 statement by the NEC of UNISON

Statement by San Francisco Dock Workers Local:
For International Labor Solidarity to Stop Zionist Repression and Build a Just Peace  

U.S. Government—“The Main Culprit”
San Francisco Labor Council Resolution on Mid-East Conflict

Under Pressure from pro-Israeli Forces
S.F. Labor Council Rescinds Resolution on Middle East
by Charles Walker

From 1996:
Arabs Need American Labor Solidarity
The Important Issues in the Middle East Conflict
by Tom Barrett

A Memory Alive in Demonstrations Against U.S.-Israeli War
May 1970 to May 2002: The Legacy of Kent State and Jackson State
by Mike Alewitz