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Philly Against War on November 5 Black is Back march

Defend the right to Free Speech!

The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations is holding a national march, rally and conference entitled “Stop the Wars, Build the Resistance!”

Philly Against War, a Philadelphia affiliate of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), supports this march as a significant initiative from the Black community against US wars overseas and cut backs and repression here at home. We urge all local antiwar, social justice, and community organizations to support this march and rally.

The Civil Affairs Unit of the Philadelphia Police Department is denying the Black is Back Coalition a permit to march, claiming it is because they have already spent too many resources on the occupation at City Hall.

Philly Against War is in solidarity with the Occupy Philadelphia movement as well. The heavy police presence and surveillance at the occupation is both unnecessary and intrusive.  The recent police riot at Occupy Oakland, where police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades at protesters, resulted in at least one serious injury, numerous arrests and the break-up of the Oakland occupation. We condemn this attack on a peaceful protest movement.

Denial of a permit to march is a blatant violation of the Black is Back Coalition’s civil rights.  The exercise of our free speech rights should never be contingent on the budgetary constraints of government. 

Why a permit is necessary

Given the history of police repression against the Black community, Black is Back Coalition organizers feel strongly that the march requires a legal permit as a guarantee against police attempts to interfere with the march.

We urge all supporters of democratic rights to lend their support and solidarity for the right to free speech and to the November 5 march and rally.  Stop the Wars! Build the Resistance!

Black is Back