Venezuela, Cuba, Latin America:
The Struggle Against U.S. Corporate Domination

Venezuela: “When the Working Class Roars, Capitalists Tremble”
by Federico Fuentes

In Colombia, Mass Marches and a General Strike Erupt as Workers and Peasants Defy U.S.-Backed Uribe Government
by George Saunders

French Communist League Reaffirms Solidarity with Cuba

Reports from Venezuela—Summer 2008
by George Saunders

Video of Celia Hart Speech at Toronto Conference

May Day in Venezuela:
Hundreds of Thousands Rally, Wages Raised 30%
by Kiraz Janicke

Chavez Re-Nationalizes Giant Steel Plant—Historic Victory for Workers
by Jorge Martin

Against the Colombian Government’s Military Intervention in Ecuador
In Solidarity with the Ecuadorian and Colombian people
Statement of the Fourth International

Discussion of the Results of Venezuela’s Dec. 2 Referendum

Trotskyists and Class-Struggle Unionists Stand For the “Yes” Vote in Venezuela and Reject the Slanderous Assertions of James Petras (article in Spanish only)

Celia Hart Against the King of Spain and For the “Yes” Vote on Dec.2
(In Spanish Only)

For a “Yes” Vote in Venezuela’s Dec. 2 Referendum
by George Saunders

On the 90th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution Celia Hart Calls for Socialist Revolution in Venezuela and for a “First Declaration of Caracas”
“Bolivarians, you have a world to defend!”

Bolivia Needs Our Solidarity Now!
from Socialist Voice

C. Wright Mills’s Return
by Ricardo Alarcón

“We Will Defend the Constituent Assembly with Our Lives”:
Resolution from the National Emergency Gathering of the Social Organizations

Chávez Proposes International of Left Parties

Interview with Celia Hart:
“How can you not be a Trotskyist in the Cuban Revolution!”
by David Rey — El Militante Argentina

Historic FRETECO meeting — workers of occupied factories present ideas on socialist companies, workers’ councils, and the building of socialism

The Furor over Venezuela’s RCTV

Venezuela Fights for Freedom of Speech and Against Imperialism
US Fears Spread of Chavez Example
by Federico Fuentes

Furor over RCTV: US Imperialists Join the Attack against Venezuela
by Rob Sewell

Celia Hart on Venezuela’s Battle over RCTV (in Spanish only)

The Current Counterrevolutionary Offensive in Venezuela — What It Means and How to Defeat It
by Yonie Moreno and William Sanabria of the CMR in Venezuela

Venezuela National Assembly Asks for the Expropriation of Sanitarios Maracay
by Jorge Martin

For the Deaf Who Won’t Listen
by Fidel Castro Ruz

Reflexiones trotsko-guevaristas de una cubana (I Parte)
by Celia Hart (in Spanish only)

Venezuelan Workers Demand Nationalization of SIDOR Steel Plant
by Chris Carlson

Venezuela’s Revolution Accelerates
by Federico Fuentes

Chávez Recommends the Study of Trotsky, Praises The Transitional Programme
by Jorge Martin

Ecuadorian Masses Deliver Blow Against the Oligarchy and Imperialism
by Jorge Martin

The Internationalization of Genocide
by Fidel Castro Ruz

Granma Publishes Alan Woods’ Article on Iran
from In Defence of Marxism

Book by Celia Hart Debuts in Havana
from In Defence of Marxism

From the Magazine “The Nation”:
Waiting for C. Wright Mills
by Ricardo Alarcón, President, National Assembly of Cuba

Venezuela: Inveval Workers Protest in Front of the Miraflores Palace
by CMR — Caracas

Amid Rival Tours of Latin America and the Caribbean…
Chávez Debates Bush on Simón Bolívar and the Kind of Revolution America Needs

Zapatista Women: “We Are What Holds the Community Together”
A Year After the Passing of Comandanta Ramona,
Civilian and Insurgent Women Tell of Their Movement Within a Movement
by Ginna Villarreal

“Crisis of the World Economy, the Capitalist System”
BBC Text of the Fidel Castro–Hugo Chávez Conversation on Venezuelan Television, February 27, 2007

The Struggle at Sanitarios Maracay Spreads
Venezuelan Workers Call for More Nationalizations
Chavez’s Minister of Labor Supports the Call
by Yonie Moreno

Venezuela: The Real Meaning of “Fatherland, Socialism or Death”
by Pablo Roldan

Do Chavez’s New Decree Powers Undermine Venezuelan Democracy? A Debate

Why Aren’t You in a Hurry, Comrade?
by Michael A. Lebowitz

Venezuela: Chávez Reaffirms “Permanent Revolution”
by George Saunders

Cuba Stands Firm
On its 50th Anniversary, the Revolution is still confident and creative in defiance of imperialism
by John Riddell

“It’s My Party, and I’ll Cry If I Want To”:
Chávez Moves Forward
by Michael A. Lebowitz

Pink Elections in Nicaragua
by Celia Hart

Venezuelan Elections: “¡No Volverán!” [“They Shall Not Return!”] — But Masses Demand Action Against the Counterrevolution
by Alan Woods

Challenges for Venezuela’s Revolution
An Interview with Michael Lebowitz

2006 Elections — a Profound Political Break
by João Machado and José Corrêa Leite

In Support of the Re-Election of Chávez
Deepen the Revolution in Venezuela
from International Viewpoint

Celia Hart’s Interview in London, June 2006
“We of the Organized Left Must Grasp the Rich Opportunity Before Us: Revolution in Latin America and the World—The Only Worthy ‘Heir’ of Fidel”

Socialist Gets 7% in Brazilian Presidential Election

Hugo Chávez Speaks on the Challenges Facing the Bolivarian Revolution Today
by Stuart Munckton

Without You?…Not Yet, Fidel!
“Intimate Canto No. 12” by Celia Hart

For an Alternative in Brazil
Against the Bankers, Imperialism and the Corrupt!
Neither Lula, nor Alckmin! Heloísa Helena President!

from Left Front

Celia Hart on the Cuban Five
Five Political Prisoners in the United States, or “A Cloud’s Tail”

Mexico: 1 Million Strong Convention Elects “Legitimate Government”
by Jorge Martin

Cuba and Venezuela Advance Anti-Imperialist Foreign Policy
Venezuela Rallies International Resistance to U.S./Israeli War, by Suzanne Weiss
Venezuela and Cuba Promote Solidarity and Resistance, by Derrick O’Keefe

Official Website of Andrés Manuel López Obrador for President of Mexico

Celia Hart (in Spanish only) on Fidel’s Being Visited by His “Best Physician” (Hugo Chávez)

Comunicado of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee-General Command (CCRI-CG) of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN)
Sixth Commission of the EZLN
by Subcomandante insurgente Marcos

The Social Economy and the Bolivarian Revolution
Going Beyond Survival: Making the Social Economy a Real Alternative
by Michael A. Lebowitz

Socialism for the 21st Century: A Trade Unionist View
by Jean-Pierre Daubois

Heloisa Helena, a Socialist Woman for the Brazilian Presidential Elections
by Michael Löwy

Chavez: “The Future Is Yours, Go and Construct It”
by Coral Wynter & Jim McIlroy

Sin Ti…Todavía No, Fidel
by Celia Hart (in Spanish)

5 Factories — Documenting the Struggle for Workers’ Emancipation in Venezuela
by Jorge Martin

Cuban People Demonstrate Power of Internationalism
by Sabrina Johnson

Mexican Workers Want a Recount
David Bacon

1.5 Million March in Mexico Against Electoral Fraud

Marcos speaks in Atenco July 11

Death by Video: Mexico’s Election Fraud Is Coming Undone
by Al Giordano

Evo Morales:
“The US Is Conspiring Against Bolivia and Venezuela”

Latin America
Resistance and Revolution
by Phil Hearse

“We are following in the path of Comandante Guevara” Proclaims President Evo Morales in La Higuera
by Maria Julia Mayoral and Jorge Luis Gonzalez (photos)—Granma daily special correspondents

Agreement for the Application of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America and the Peoples’ Trade Agreements

A Response to Comrades Riddell and Weisleder
Which Road for the Bolivian Revolution?
by Gerry Foley and Jeff Mackler

Evo Morales:
Bolivia’s Democratic and Cultural Revolution — Not One Step Backwards!

Mega March Replies to Police Violence

World Solidarity Needed for Bolivian People, Government
by Barry Weisleder and John Riddell

Latin America: a Continent in Revolt

Fidel and Trotsky
by Celia Hart

Hugo Chávez in Historic Visit to London

The May 15 Mobilizations in Colombia
by Justin Podur

Revolution in the Camden air as Chávez — with amigo Ken — gets a hero’s welcome
by Duncan Campbell and Jonathan Steele

Not a difficult choice at all
Chávez and Venezuela deserve the support of all who believe in social justice and democracy
by Ken Livingstone

Britain's left-wing “aristocracy” greet their hero Chávez
by Kim Sengupta

Chávez is a threat because he offers the alternative of a decent society
by John Pilger

Colombia is on the move — May 15, May 28

Vienna, May 12: Hugo Chávez addresses mass rally organised by Hands off Venezuela!

Interview with Subcomandante Marcos: “The conflicts already exist. The Other Campaign makes them visible.”
Delegate Zero Says That Change Must Come, but That, with the Other Campaign, it Will Be Non-Violent
by Hermann Bellinghausen

LA Times Reporters Jump on the Coffin of 14-Year-Old Javier Cortés in Atenco to Invent an Untrue Story
by Al Giordano

Police Brutality in Mexico
by John Gibler

People Respond with Solidarity to Violence in Atenco
by Amber Howard

Marcos Reappears in Atenco and Challenges Commercial Media to “Tell the Truth”
by Al Giordano

Latin America’s Time is Now!
by Nidia Díaz

Mexican Consulate Protest in Houston in Support of the Zapatista Other Campaign

Atenco: A Violent Attack Against The Other Campaign Adherents
The People’s Front in Defense of the Land made up part of the security team for Delegate Zero on May 1st
by Quetzal Belmont

Zapatistas Call Red Alert, Suspend Other Campaign

Other Campaign Suspended: Red Alert in the Zapatista Good Government Councils of Chiapas
by Juan Trujillo

Zapatista Red Alert: The Other Mexico on the Verge of an Explosion from Below
The Story Behind the Zapatista Red Alert as the Other Campaign Arrives at Zero Hour
by Bertha Rodríguez Santos and Al Giordano

Evo Morales’s Historic May Day
Bolivia’s Nationalization of Gas!
by Jeffery R. Webber

Bolivia Defends Gas Industry Takeover

Celia Hart on 45th Anniversary of Defeat of U.S. Invasion at Playa Girón, Bay of Pigs (in Spanish)

Fidel ordered Chávez’s “Rescue”
Fidel Castro interviewed by Ignacio Ramonet

From the Other Morelos, in the Other Campaign, “¡Zapata Vive!”
The True Homage to Revolutionary Hero General Emiliano Zapata Salazar Is in the Streets
by Karla Garza

Showdown In Cuernavaca: The Zapatista Other Campaign Occupies a Construction Site
by Al Giordano

Only Star Remaining for WBC Finals Is on the Cuban Flag
Peter C. Bjarkman* for Prensa Latina

Luis Primo of the UNT Speaks to Portland Trade Unionists
by U.S. Hands Off Venezuela

Luis Primo (Venezuelan UNT) at Portland Anti-War Demonstration
by Hands Off Venezuela

Bolivarian Revolution Present at the Antiwar Demonstration in London
by Hands Off Venezuela

Military Radicalism in Venezuela: How Relevant for Other Developing Countries?
by Walden Bello

Interview with Orlando Chirino, National Coordinator of the UNT in Venezuela
by Hands Off Venezuela

Cuba Seeks Revolutionary Renewal
Celebrating “Wonderful, Triumphant Year”
by John Riddell

New International Viewpoint Pamphlet
Latin America — a Continent Turns Left

Brazilian Workers Party Crisis
Concerning a Polemic
by Jan Malewski

Venezuela: Historic Demonstration in Caracas Commemorating the 7th Anniversary of the Bolivarian Revolution
by CMR in Caracas

Venezuela: Trade-Union Elections in ALCASA—Campaigning for Revolutionary Class Struggle Policies
by Andreas Bülow and Hermann Albrecht

Joaquín Bustelo on Argentina and the Open (Democrat-Imperialist) Society Institute

“Operation July 26” — Cuban Leaders Campaign Against Bureaucratism in Government and Party
Cuba fights corruption; “Revolution in danger,” says Fidel
by W.T. Whitney Jr.

Bolivian Elections — What Position Should the Marxists Take?
by Jorge Martin

Tariq Ali: My Compatriots Have Learned a New Word for Love: CUBA
by Pedro de la Hoz

Tariq Ali on Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia

P-SOL Is a Historical Necessity
Interview with Heloisa Helena

Marxism and the Venezuelan Revolution: A Book Review
Alan Woods. The Venezuelan Revolution: A Marxist Perspective.
London: Wellred Books 2005.
Reviewed by John Riddell

Mass Anti-Bush Protests in Argentina Reflect Deepening Radicalism in All of Latin America
by George Saunders

by Celia Hart

Six Reports on Venezuelan Labor Struggles

First Latin American Gathering of Worker-Recovered Factories — Chávez Announces Further Expropriations
by Jorge Martin

“Co-Management” in the Alcasa Aluminium Factory
by Rafael Rodriguez

Venezuelan Trade Unionists Discuss Workers’ Management and Factory Occupations
by Jorge Martin

Revolution in the Revolution?
by Fabrice Thomas

Political Declaration of the Party of Revolution and Socialism

Constructing Co-Management in Venezuela: Contradictions Along the Path
by Michael A. Lebowitz

Four Reports on the Brazilian Workers Party

Crisis and Rebirth of the Left
by François Sabado

The Collapse of the PT and Rebuilding the Brazilian Left
by Felix Sanchez, Fernando Kinas, and José Correa Leite

Brazilian Left
Left Candidate Narrowly Misses Presidency of PT

Brazilian Left
Hundreds Leave Workers Party to Join P-SOL

Three Reports on the Labor Movement in Venezuela

The Party of Revolution and Socialism
Interview with Stalin Perez Borges

Venezuelan Trade Union Leaders Discuss Way Forward for the Revolution
by Jorge Martin

UNT Leader Orlando Chirino Speaks to Journalists at NUJ Headquarters in London
by Maarten Vanheuverswyn

Venezuela: Workers Control in State Industry

Hurricane Dennis, By-Product of Global Warming
“And yet to keep on singing…”
by Celia Hart

Recent Reports and Views on Venezuela:

Chávez Announces Expropriation of Closed Factories — Venezuela Debates Socialism
by Jorge Martin

Venezuela: “We Are on the Way Towards Socialism”

Venezuela: Is Socialism Possible?
by Rob Berkvist

Review of The Venezuelan Revolution: a Marxist Perspective written by Alan Woods
by David Raby, Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Liverpool

Venezuela’s National, Anti-Imperialist, and Developing Anticapitalist Revolution
by Stuart Munckton

What We Are Going to Do
How We Are Going to Do It
by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation
Translated by Narco News

How Authentic Journalists Caught an International Terrorist in Mexico
by Al Giordano
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

Bolivia Update, June 13, 2005
by Andy Pollack

Bolivia’s Mass Organizations—Trade Unions, Peasant Unions, Neighborhood Councils—Unite to Form Their Own Governing Body
El Alto Proclaimed ‘General Headquarters of the Bolivian Revolution of the 21st Century’
by George Saunders

What’s Behind the Upheaval in Bolivia?
Multinational Oil and Gas Corporations?
No, Says U.S. Gov’t—Blame Hugo Chávez

Bolivia: Workers and Peasants Reach for Power
by Jorge Martin

Bolivia: Revolutionary Crisis Reaches Its Peak
by Jorge Martin

Letter from Venezuela:
Anti-Imperialist Demonstration Brings Bolivarian Masses to the Streets
by Jean Duval

The First Two Days of Bolivia’s Second Gas War
by Jeffery R. Webber

Bolivia Faces a New Revolutionary Wave
by Jorge Martin

From Socialist Voice:
New Uprising in Bolivia
by Federico Fuentes

Bolivia Erupts over Gas as Masses Demand Government for the People
Social Movements on Their Feet, a President without Direction, and a Socialist Leader out of Touch
by Jeffery R. Webber

From Socialist Voice:
On the Road to a New Society
Venezuelan Workers Debate Workers Control of Industry and Government Enterprises
by Bill Burgess

Three Reports on May Day, Caracas, Venezuela

From Socialist Voice:
The Revolutionary Process in Venezuela
An Embryonic Workers and Peasants State
by Coral Wynter

From Socialist Voice:
Fateful Triangle
Cuba and Venezuela Face U.S. and Colombia
by James Petras

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution: A Debate
Why Socialists Defend the Bolivarian Revolution
by John Riddell, co-editor, Socialist Voice
Ferment in Venezuela: Chávez Praises Socialism, Denounces Capitalism
by Paul Kellogg, editor, Socialist Worker

Cuba Will Not Make Concessions or Betray Its Ideals
Statement by Felipe Pérez Roque, Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs

A Poet Speaks Out About Colombia
Why I Refused Coca-Cola’s Money
by Martin Espada

Saving More than the President—Saving the Revolutionary
by Celia Hart

From Seven Oaks
The Political Challenge of the 21st Century:
Building a Democratic, Socialist Humanism
by Derrick O’Keefe

The Future of Latin America and the Caribbean
(or How Trotsky Refuted Ronald Aronson 65 Years Ago)
by George Saunders

“The Path Is Socialism”
President Chávez Reaffirms Opposition to Capitalism
by Jorge Martín

In Honor of International Women’s Day
Celia Hart on Two Women Leaders of the Cuban Revolution:
1. A Butterfly Against Stalin (25th Anniversary of the Death of Celia Sanchez Manduley
2. Yeyé’s Victory

The Last Flight of the Santamarías
by Celia Hart

“El Militante” and Celia at the Havana Book Fair
by Celia Hart

Celia Hart Reports on World Congress of Intellectuals in Caracas, Venezuela
Socialism: The Only “Better World”

Chávez Nationalizes Venepal Under Workers’ Control
“We Want to Liberate Ourselves from Capitalism”
by Jorge Martín

Venezuela, Cuba Strengthen Ties
by Roger Annis and John Riddell
from Socialist Voice

In Defense of Humanity: the Caracas Declaration
reprinted from Socialist Voice

Celia Hart on Anniversary of the October Revolution
On November 7: Fidel and Chávez Are Together, and in Red

We Post This Article for the Information of Our Readers
Venezuela’s Elections: Defeat for the Opposition, Advance for the Bolivarian Movement
by Jorge Martin

Celia Hart on Fidel’s Fall:
“The Man with the Long Stride”

The Magnetism of Permanent Revolution
by Celia Hart

Venezuela’s Chávez and the August 15 Referendum—Myths and Realities
by James Petras

Cuba, Venezuela, Latin America:
Is the Revolutionary Spark Spreading?
Interview with Celia Hart
by Hans-Gerd Öfinger

An Antidote for Apathy
by Selma James, from The Guardian

Loathed by the Rich
Why Hugo Chávez Is Heading for a Stunning Victory
by Richard Gott, from The Guardian

Petition on Venezuela Referendum of August 15, 2004
If We Were Venezuelan, We Would Vote for Hugo Chávez

Venezuela: Worldwide Impact of Upcoming Vote
“On August 15 We Storm the Winter Palace
A Contribution from Cuba by Celia Hart

Interview with Tariq Ali
Venezuela: Changing the World by Taking Power
by Claudia Jardim and Jonah Gindin

“Socialism in One Country” and the Cuban Revolution
A Contribution from Cuba
by Celia Hart
Originally published in Tricontinental magazine

News and Discussion of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), the Workers Party of Brazil

Senator Heloisa Helena