Discussion on Venezuela’s Dec. 2, 2007, Referendum

Lack of Organization of Honest and Consistent Sectors Which Underlie Revolutionary Process
from Marea Clasista y Socialiste

Venezuela del alma: El SI sigue siendo tu única opción (in Spanish only)
by Celia Hart

Una nota rápida para Heinz Dieterich (in Spanish only)
by Celia Hart

A Setback for Chávez
by François Sabado, Sébastien Ville

Trotskyists and Class-Struggle Trade Unionist in Venezuela
Comment on Results of Dec. 2 Vote (in Spanish only)
by Prensa Marea Clasista y Socialista

Leon Trotsky Says “Yes” to Constitutional Reform — Last-Minute Trotsky Announcement Before the Dec. 2 Referendum in Venezuela
by Celia Hart

Trotskyists and Class-Struggle Trade Unionists Are For the “Yes” Vote in Venezuela’s Dec. 2 Referendum—And We Reject James Petras’s Slanderous Assertions
by Stalin Pérez Bórges

For a “Yes” Vote in Venezuela’s Dec. 2 Referendum
by George Saunders